Useful Phrases

Below are the translations of a few useful key phrases agreed upon with members of the Solresol community. Thanks to everyone who collaborated and suggested corrections, this page was initially created to improve upon the examples on the Omniglot page, which have since been updated.

Greetings & Farewells
Welcome Misolresol
Hello/Good morning/day Simi
Goodbye/Good evening/night Misi
Long time no see! Mimilare!
Good luck! Soldosolsi!
Cheers! Good Health! Redofafa misol!
Pleased to meet you Sifalare mifare
Have a nice day Simi misol
Bon appetit / Have a nice meal Dolamisi misol
Bon voyage Fasidomi misol
I miss you Dore midomila domi
I love you Dore milasi domi
Get well soon Mimisifa Solsol misol
Congratulations! Mifala misol!
Stop! Go away! Solsol fasisolla, fasidola!
How are you? Redofafa domi?
I'm doing well. Dore redofafa
What's your name? Resisolre domi?
My name is ... Redo resisolre ...
Where are you from? Midoremi domi?
I'm from ... Dore midoremi ...
Do you speak Solresol? Solresol domilado domi?
Yes, a little Si, sifa
Speak to me in Solresol Falami Solresol solsol domilado
How do you say ... in Solresol? Milasolsol ... Solresol?
Yes, no, maybe. Si, do, mirelala.
Sorry, I don't know Dore relasi, do dofadofa
Please, speak more slowly Mifare, solsol remisifa fasi
Thank you Solsi
I understand Si dofadofa
Please say that again Solsol sifala fasi
Please write it down Solsol lamire mire
Excuse me, how much is this? Sollado, midodore?
Help! Fire! Dosido! Refasoldo!
Where's the bathroom? Solsisido mimisoldo?
They will pay for everything Dofa mireredo mimi laresifa
Would you like to dance with me? Lasi dore mifala misolsila?
Do you come here often? Mimilado mila dosolfala?
Happy Birthday Resirefa misolsimi solsire