The TerSCII character set is designed to serve in the world of ternary information processing systems.

With 26 letters in the English alphabet and comparable numbers in other western and middle-eastern alphabets, the first power of 3 that lends itself to representing a reasonable character set is 34 or 81. A 4-trit character allows encoding the Roman alphabet in both upper and lower case, plus 10 digits and a modest (but insufficient) set of control characters and punctuation marks. In this environment, a code extension system comparable to that of Unicode invites a character code built on 81-character blocks.

Basic Roman Block
00 012 345 678
1EL- 1AJSajs
2ET' 2BKTbkt
3LR, 3CLUclu
4OP; 4DMVdmv
5RL: 5ENWenw
6SU. 6FOXfox
7HT! 7GPYgpy
8SD? 8HQZhqz
ESEnd of String, analogous to NULL
ELEnd of Line, analogous to LF or CR/LF
ETEnd of Text file
LRLeft to Right rendering of following text
OPOverPrint following text on previous char
RLRight to Left rendering of following text
SUShift Up (superscript) following by 1/3 baseline
HTHorizontal Tab in current rendering direction
SDShift Down (subscript) following by 1/3 baseline
01 012 345 678
1 *
3 /
4 |
5 \

incoming heptavintimal