A nibble is equivalent to half a byte or 4 bits, encodable on one of the 6 faces of a die.

A 6-sided die can easily be built using 6 sonobe origami modules, 2 dice can be used to store 8 bits of data for the paper computer. This is an original idea from Maleza.

The 6 faces of the dice are as follow:


Hex table

Here is the 16 possible values that can be expressed with the rotation of the die.

0 sA1 sB2 sB3 sC
4 sB5 sC6 sD7 sE
8 sB9 sDA sCB sE
C sCD sEE sEF sF

Each face can express a specific number of values, here are all the values that can be expressed for each side.

sB1, 2, 4, 8
sC3, 5, A, C
sD6, 9
sE7, B, D, E

The nibble dice cannot be used to generate random values, as some sides hold a higher number of results than others.