Gyro 6 picture
14Y13 — Gyro 6

Origami is the art of paperfolding.

The Sonobe unit has the shape of a parallelogram with 45 and 135 degrees angles, divided by creases into two diagonal tabs at the ends and two corresponding pockets within the inscribed center square. The system can build a wide range of three-dimensional geometric forms by docking these tabs into the pockets of adjacent units.


Three interconnected Sonobe units will form an open-bottomed triangular pyramid with an equilateral triangle for the open bottom, and isosceles right triangles as the other three faces.

 Rhombitruncated cuboctahedron or whatever
Sonobe 30 picture
14Y12 — Sonobe 30
Sonobe 3 picture
14Y11 — Sonobe 3
Sonobe 12 picture
14Y03 — Sonobe 12

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