Graphical Input Language
Graphical Input Language

Grail is a graphical input language.

Characters are traced on a drawing surface and reduced to a sequence of direction changes in the path that makes up a letter or number. Alternatively, a d-pad may also be used to input the characters by directly pressing the arrows for the direction changes. This graphical input system supports the basic ASCII numbers, letters and symbols. This hand-writing recognition program was directly inspired by the program from RAND by the same name.


The drawing surface is split into three regions, the upper one capitalizes the letters, the middle one is lowercase letters and the bottom one is punctuation. See the full collection of supported glyphs.


Grail includes arrow controls, sent as bytes. To use this mode, you need a pen with buttons for right-click. This scheme is supported in Left.

Special Operations
0x06begin selection
0x16end selection


uxnasm grail.tal grail.rom