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Donsol is a dungeon-crawler card game.

Donsol, designed by John Eternal, is a card game about exploring a dungeon of 54 playing cards. To learn more about the Famicom release, see this page.

A standard deck of 54 cards, jokers included, is a dungeon. Shuffle the deck and draw 4 cards, display them before you, this is a room. A room ends when all the cards are folded.

♥︎ Heart Potions

A potion gives you health points equal to its value, up to a maximum of 21 health points.

Drinking multiple potions in a row will make you sick and result in no extra healing, only the first potion's value will be gained in HP. Potions are equal to their value and face cards (J,Q,K,A) each are equal to 11.

♦ Diamond Shields

A shield absorbs the damage difference between the shield value and that of the attacked monster's value.

Shields can only defend against monsters in descending value and if you use a shield on a monster with higher or equal value to the previous, it will break. Broken shields leave you unarmored, and taking full damage. Folding shield card will always replace a previously equipped shield. Shields are equal to their value and face cards (J,Q,K,A) each are equal to 11.

♣♠ Club/Spades Monsters

Monster cards are equal to their value, and face cards are as follows J is 11, Q is 13, K is 15, A is 17; Jokers are both equal to 21.

You may escape a room. When escaping, the remaining cards are put back at the end of the deck. A player is allowed to escape a room:

The game was released in collaboration with John Eternal, for mobile in 2016, and re-released for Desktop in 2017 as Hundred Rabbits. While the game was designed on a train, without internet connection during Train Jam 2015, it seemed like Donsol's gameplay accidentally ended up quite similar to Zach Gage and Kurt Bieg's Scoundrel, designed in 2011.

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17A13 — Donsol Desktop Release
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