A few translations from the book.

English Solresol Notes
Segment A
The desert is loud fadomisi doremi sisolfasol desert: fadomisi
to be: doremi
loud, noisy: sisolfasol
Segment B
And, I met a flower Re, dore dodo sifalare farefado, and: re
I: dore
to meet(past): dodo sifalare
flower: farefado
Upon a mountain so green mimiresi fadomido [laremifa], on, upon: mimiresi
mountain: fadomido
green: laremifa
but forever, they slept. sol solla dofa dodo remisoldo. but: sol
always: solla
they: dofa
to sleep(past): dodo remisoldo
And, here for ever, I wept. Re, mila solla dore fasisol fasi. and: re
here: mila
always: solla
I: dore
to cry: fasisol
a lot: fasi
Segment C
Night, day, hand in hand, Lalasi, silala, dorefasi lasi night: lalasi
day: silala
hand: dorefasi
together: lasi
Sorrows and a smile, Resisol, solsire sadness: resisol
happiness: solsire
Into the dark we sing, Simisoldo lasi dosol solremifa into: lasi
dark: simisoldo
we: dosol
sing: solremifa
To those who enter it. Fa dosi remi misolre to: fa
those: dosi
who: remi
enter: misolre
Out of a restless desert, Sila fadomisi [resila] outside: sila
restless: resila
desert: fadomisi
And into a quiet sleep. Re lasi remisoldo [misoldomi] and: re
inside: lasi
quiet: misoldomi
sleep: remisoldo
Segment D
All birds are hid and gone, Fasol faresifa dolafado resolmi all: fasol
birds: faresifa
to hide: dolafado
to leave: resolmi
As clouds blacken the sky, Sisimi dolafado silala clouds: sisimi
darken: dolafado
sky: silala
Like a mountain I wait, Mimiremi fadomido dore sifasol like: mimiremi
mountain: fadomido
I: dore
to wait: sifasol
For sawa's breath. Fa sisire domifami for: fa
wind: sisire
breath: domifami
Segment E
All sand is still, Fasol reremisol resisi all: fasol
sand: reremisol
still: resisi
As a lonely cloud floats by, Mimiremi fadofado sisimi fasollare mila like: mimiremi
lonely: fadofado
cloud: sisimi
float: fasollare
near: mila
Like a bird I wait, Mimiremi faresifa dore sifasol like: mimiremi
bird: faresifa
I: dore
wait: sifasol