Tummo is a combination of breathing and visualization techniques, used to enter into a state of meditation that is used to increase a person’s inner heat.

Box Breathing

Sitali Breathing

Roll your tongue, curling the sides in towards the center to form a tube (or a taco shape). Stick the end of the tongue out between your pursed lips. If you can’t roll your tongue, purse your lips instead, making a small “o” shape with your mouth. In this case, keep your tongue against the back side of your bottom teeth so that the air you are drawing in passes over it. Or, place your tongue on the roof of the mouth by sliding it back to rest on the ridge behind your top teeth.

Inhale slowly through the tube formed by your tongue as if you were sipping air through a straw. Let the breath expand your chest and fill your belly. If your lips are pursed in an "o" shape, channel the air through that opening. Close your mouth and exhale slowly through your nose.

Tummo Meditation

Use stress to go to a higher state of consciousness, not a relaxed state of mind.

Involves systematic physical exercises and techniques of concentration, visualization, breath practice and meditation. The breathing, which in tummo practice is forceful and involves abdominal and pelvic muscle contractions allows people to increase their core body temperature to a certain point. In tummo meditation, practitioners conjure intense visualization and mental images, such as flames, and imagine sensations of intense heat. This visualization allows practitioners to override the body's automatic cooling response, allowing them to push past their typical threshold.