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AboutNataniev[15Q09-18W04]Learn more About this site.Source Files Rss Feed Rss Validation Activitypub Static Site Riven Graph
ActionWisdomA collection of notes in regard to action.
ActorsNeon HermetismThe Actors are beings unaffected by determinism, that have free will.
Advent VAutomatons[14P03-16L14]Advent V was a simple twitter game in the format of the Choose Your Own Adventure.Twitter Github
AestheticsLifestyle[10Z11-16V08]The Aesthetics diaries.
AitaslaDinaisthAitasla is a satellite orbiting orbiting the Ehrivevnv.
AlicefAudio[18X06-19B09]Alicef, is an livecoding audio/visual project built around Orca.
AliceffektAudio[11Q14-17K12]Aliceffekt, is an audio project following the adventures of Neonev across Dinaisth.Bandcamp
AlphavetistMobile[13Q03-15X03]Alphavetist is an alphabet learning tool.Itunes Github
AmericaTravel[08M11-16U01]Various landscapes taken around America.
AndesCharacters[11R06-11R06]Andes immigrated through a Soies Injection.
Andes CastellumLaeisth[13Q13-18K06]The Andes Castellum is a large unnatural structure found in Laeisth.
Ann Yozora SaintFirst Wave[09T06-10F13]Ann Yozora Saint was originally released as two albums, Ann Yozora Saint and Lu's Floral Funeralis, they were consolidated into a single release in 2017.Bandcamp
Apple StationWorkstation[18T12-18T12]The Apple Station specs.
Ar MoirePolygonoscopy[15J02-15J05]The Ar Moire diagrams are Polygonoscopic sounds.
Arm StationWorkstation[18U01-18U01]The Arm Station specs.
ArtworkIllustration[07M08-14H02]Artwork collection of unrelated concepts and characters.
ArvelieTime[14D07-18O08]Arvelie is a date format.Library
AscetismKnowledgeA collection of notes on ascetism.
AsodekyLietal[16C08-16C08]The Asodeky, is the advanced Lietal language guide.
AstratasPolygonoscopy[15I10-15J07]The Astratas topologic maps oscillate to Serventines's Polygonoscopic frequencies.
AudioHome[06O10-12W05]The Audio portal hosts various soundtrack, records and live projects.
AustriaTravel[15R06-15S03]Trip to Austria, in September of 2015, for Ars Electronica.
AutomatonsSoftwareThe Automatons is a collection of Twitter games and chatbots.
BabeliumUnreleased[16W02-16W04]Babelium is a roguelike set in the Borges' Library of Babel.Github
BeautyNereid[14V03-16A12]Beauty is a series of portraits of Nereid beauties.
Beldam RecordsAudio[14+01-15L01]Beldam Records is a netlabel releasing 4 tracks mini-albums.Bandcamp Twitter
BifurcanMobile[13R01-16A04]Bifurcan is a watchface.Itunes Github Pebble
BikeInventory[18T05-18T05]The Bike specs.
BlackPhotography[15I04-18H11]Black and White film photography diary of the life aboard Pino.
BlamFirst Wave[11N06-11P08]Blam is an improvisational album created as a live performance, that ultimately fell through.Bandcamp
BlindfolkUnreleased[16C01-16Q09]Blindfolk was a cryptic multiplayer programming combat game.Github
BookmarksDirectoryThe Bookmarks is a curated list of websites.
BranePolygonoscopy[14J06-18K06]Branes are digital fabrics.
BytUnreleased[17X12-17X13]Byt was a ByteBeat editor.Source
CalendarHoraireThe Calendar shows upcoming events.Rss Feed
CameraInventory[16O01-16O01]The Camera specs.
CamilareOquonieCamilare is the language of Oquonie.
CanadaTravel[10N09-16A13]Despite being from there, Canada has become a travel destination to me.
CenoteUnity[10O07-10O07]Cenote is an experimental platformer inspired by Underwater Base Jumping.
CharactersNeauismetica[17I06-17I06]Characters are a selection of resident Immortals of Dinaisth.
CharismaKnowledgeA collection of notes on charisma.
CheatsheetsMirrorsA collection of Cheatsheets.
Children Of BrambleLaeisthic[12F07-17K10]Children of Bramble is a Laeisthic album that sings of the Oasis of Rlionn.Bandcamp
Collected WorksMalice[08L13-17K11]Collected Works between 2008 and 2015, written as Malice.Bandcamp
CollegiennesSoftware[10P07-14I05]The Collegiennes collective is a game jam team.
ComputerUnreleased[18F13-18G12]Overview of the Raspberry computer rig.Github
CurlicOsceanCurlic is a markup format.Github
Cyanosis FeverUnity[09W09-09W09]Cyanosis Fever was an abstract world of static to get lost into.
CzechTravel[11E05-11F01]Trip to Czech Republic in 2011.
Damoiseau CanalxNeauismetic[14Q13-14R03]Damoiseau Canalx was created in the spirit of Blam, exploring industrial sounds with 2-step styles.Bandcamp
DeathDevine Lu Linvega[06W12-17Z06]The Death Progress Bar.Le Soleil Est Noir
Defraction OpticsPhysical[14X03-14X09]Defraction Optics is the second book of Elodie Lareine, a manual of procedural imagery, in the fashion of Vast.Itch
Dei DainDuomic[13F06-17K08]Dei Dain is the third Duomic album.Bandcamp
DemoAliceffektThe Demos are concept albums created with specific pieces of hardwares.
DesignKnowledgeA collection of notes on design.
DevelopmentKnowledgeA collection of notes on development.
Devine Lu LinvegaHome[09A02-16T01]Devine lu linvega is a digital nomad.
DewMobile[14P10-15P10]Dew is an alarm/timer.Itunes Github
DictionarismAutomatons[15V12-16L05]Dictionarism is a simple twitter bot that generates -isms.Twitter Source
DilitrielDinaisthDilitriel is the central region of Dinaisth.
DiluviumCollegiennes[12K02-12L11]Diluvium was a multiplayer typing tactics game.Youtube Github
DinaisthNeauismetica[10D03-17K09]Dinaisth is the name of the Satellite onto which unfolds the events of the Neauismetica.
DirectoryDevine Lu Linvega[17A03-18X09]The Directory is a curated list of timeless art.
DiscourseCheatsheetsA cheatsheet on discourse.Kind Communication
DocumentationCheatsheetsA cheatsheet on documentation.Source
DodecaeSupervisitor[14Y04-14Y04]Collaboration with the BentoMiso coworking space.Event
Domestic MoireAr Moire[16A01-16B08]Look into it as it gaze back into you.Source Itch
DonsolGame[15E04-18P13]Donsol is a dungeon-crawler card game.Itch Github
DotgridTools[16Y08-19B01]Dotgrid is a vector tool.Download Source Use Online
DowntemperatureFirst Wave[07C07-08W13]Downtemperature is the first Aliceffekt EP.
DrownspireHundred Rabbits[10M06-11I03]Drownspire was the name of an online store founded with Rekka Bellum, back in 2009.
DrypointUnity[09R02-09S07]Drypoint is a very hard platformer game for keyboard cowboys.
DuomicAliceffektThe Duomic albums are Neauismetic records of Neonev's travel from Duomo to Dilitriel.
DuomoDinaisth[17Z09-17Z09]Duomo covers most of the northern hemisphere of Dinaisth.
EfliEschatolorEFLI, 103.0FM, was a pirate radio broadcast, available from Montreal's Plateau area, between 22:00 and 6:00.
EhrivevnvNeon Hermetism[18C01-18C01]The Ehrivevnv is a dimensional puzzle.
Ehrivevnv StudiesNeauismetic[12S08-13D05]The Ehrivevnv Studies is an album exploring the Dinaisth region surroudning Andes' office.Bandcamp
EnglishLanguageAssorted notes on the English language.
EpistemologyCheatsheets[17X08-17X08]A cheatsheet on epistemology.
Es Gulf SunflowersNeauismetic[11Y01-12D14]Es Gulf Sunflowers is a Neauismetic album.Bandcamp
EschatolorBeldam Records[15C14-15K01]Eschatolor is a Beldam Records release, by Катя Тевелизион.Bandcamp Itunes
EverydayInventory[18F10-18F10]Everyday items found in my bag or pockets.
Extended SleepLaeisthic[15H03-17D05]Extended sleep is the sequel album to Known Magye, a deeper exploration of its stories.Bandcamp
FeuNeon HermetismThe Feu era is known as the era of time which began at the End Of Science.
FijiTravel[18M10-18S09]We sailed to Fiji from New Zealand, aboard Pino.
FilmPhotography[16P14-18E06]Color film photography diary of the life aboard Pino.
First WaveAliceffektThe First Wave contains material mostly unrelated to the Neauismetica and proto-Aliceffekt.
FlactalsSketchbook[14C01-15I03]Flactals is a series of abstract six-sided flowers drawn using an early version of Ronin.
FoodKnowledgeA collection of notes on food.
FramboisedorfRaspberry[18G13-18Q07]Overview of the Raspberry toy piano.Sources Guide Projects Youtube
FranceTravel[12F10-12F11]That time I played a show in Paris.
From SaharaphorestNeauismetic[11T11-11Z02]From Saharaphorest is an album telling the tale of a visit at Paradichlorisse.Bandcamp
FujiJapan[13N12-13O04]Our trip up Mount Fuji, Japan.Wikipedia
GameVisualThe Games are a collection of experimental interactive projects.
GermanyTravel[12G01-12G01]That time I played a show in Berlin.
Getapan 728kBeldam Records[17M10-17R06]Getapan 728k is a Beldam Records release, by 死サイコロ.Bandcamp
GlossolaliariumAutomatonsGlossolaliarium is a twitter bot that generates procedural english words.Twitter Source
GoalsDevine Lu LinvegaA list of general life-goals.
GrimgrainsHundred Rabbits[14S04-19A09]Grimgrains is the Hundred Rabbits food and cooking resources site.Official Twitter
Habitants Du SoleilDuomic[18E05-18I13]Les Habitants Du Soleil is a single track Duomic album.Bandcamp Famicase
HabitsKnowledgeA collection of notes on habits.
HeolOsceanHeol is a scripting language.Github
Hex Hive NecklacePhysical[12E14-12F02]The Hex Hive Necklace is small designer necklace.Source
HiversairesGame[13C05-18D06]Hiversaires is a textless point-n-click game.Itch Itunes
HomeHomeWelcome to the playground of the Nataniev ecosystem.
HoraireNataniev[06I04-19A04]Horaire is a time-tracking tool.View Database
Hundred RabbitsHome[12U14-19E01]Hundred Rabbits is a design studio on a sailboat.Patreon Twitter
HypervoidPolygonoscopy[10P02-16B10]The Hypervoid is navigating the nullplane of dichromatic Anti-pigments.
Idyllic MinersFirst Wave[10I11-10O08]Idyllic Miners was created for the Kinetik Festival.Bandcamp
IllustrationVisualA collection of illustrated projects.
InactionWisdomA collection of notes in regard to inaction.
IndentalOsceanIndental is a dictionary format.Github Syntax
InfraredPhotography[12F03-15P07]The Infrared photographs were taken with a modified Nikon camera.
InstrumentUnreleased[17J10-18J06]The Instrument is Pino's sailing computer.Github
InventoryDevine Lu Linvega[15N14-15N14]The collection of techincal details on the Inventory.
JapanTravel[08V04-14S02]A variety of diary entries written throughout trips to Japan.
JapaneseLanguage[08I09-17N14]The Japanese page is a collection of Japanese study notes.Sci.lang.japan
JishoJapaneseA small collection of Japanese words and expressions.
JournalHoraireThe Journal shows recent activity.Rss Feed
KaleidoscopePolygonoscopy[14G11-15Q08]The Polygonoscopic Kaleidoscope records the intersection of overlapping structures.
KanikuleDinaisth[09Y08-17Z08]Kanikule is the ocean surrounding Neau.
KeyboardInventory[15V04-16A03]The mechanical keyboard specs.
Keyboard 468Mobile[14Z10-15Y02]Keyboard 468 is a 18-keys keyboard.Itunes Github
KnowledgeMirrors[15+01-18V12]A collection of notes on general Knowledge.
Known MagyeLaeisthic[13V05-17K13]Known Magye is a Laeisthic album telling the tales of the industrious times of Dinaisth.Bandcamp
LaeisthDinaisthLaeisth is a desert on Dinaisth.
LaeisthicAliceffektThe Laeisthic albums are Neauismetic albums occurring only within the Laeisth continent of Dinaisth.
LanguageResearch[16N08-17I13]Various Language notes on natural and synthetic languages.Koseki-091450 Unicode U+21dc9
Lard ShaderIllustration[15E14-16S12]Lard Shader is a 3d vertex shader transforming neoclassical figures into their plump selves.
LedolielMobile[14E09-15J12]Ledoliel is a dating-sim game.Itunes Github
LeftTools[17M09-18S03]Left is a writing tool.Download Source Community
LicenseAboutThe License for code and assets.
LietalLanguage[07F11-19D14]Lietal is an experimental synthetic language.
LifestyleDevine Lu Linvega[10D06-19D10]The collection of diary entries on Lifestyle.
LivesAliceffekt[16K13-16K13]Live sessions from various shows.
Longest EndSoiesThe Longest End is the succeeding occurence.
Looking GlaceBeldam Records[15R01-15R05]Looking Glace is a Beldam Records release, by Reine.Bandcamp Itunes
MacroPhotography[10Q11-15W12]The macro album contains various shots from up close.
MaeveParadise[09U10-15H02]Maeve is an automated Paradise vessel
MaliceAudio[08M12-15I08]Malice, GAII or 害意, tells the earlier tales of Neonev as she crossed the Kanikule ocean.Bandcamp
MarabuTools[17L06-18K11]Marabu is a music tool.Download Source
MarklGame[15U07-19A05]Markl is a TAIBA game. In Development.Github
Marshall IslandsTravel[18V01-19A10]We sailed to Majuro from Fiji, aboard Pino.
Media StationRaspberry[18I02-18I02]The Media Station aboard Pino.Osmc
MerureDrownspire[09A09-10V01]The Merure books, were a series of comics published with friends.Itunes
MerveillesWebring[11C14-18Z03]Merveilles is a community of artists and developers.On Github On Mastodon
MethascopePolygonoscopy[14H03-14H06]Frozen Polygonoscopic drops, similar to snowflakes.
MexicoTravel[16U14-17C10]That time we lived in Mexico.
MilavregaUnreleased[13H01-13P01]Milavrega was a mobile game happening in someone's lost phone.
MiniscopieBeldam Records[15A03-15A10]Miniscopie is a Beldam Records release, by Reine.Bandcamp Itunes
MirrorsResearch[13E11-18J14]The collection of Mirrors.
MobileSoftware[12B01-15V10]The Mobile collection is both mobile tools and games.
ModernistaUnreleased[14U02-14U07]Modernista is a series of 4 prints inspired from American Modernism.
NatanievSoftware[10N02-17X10]The Nataniev ecosystem is a collection of exocortex tools.
NeauKanikuleNeau is a location found at the center of Kanikule.
NeauismeticAliceffektThe Neauismetic albums are audio diaries from the early ages of the Neauismetica.
NeauismeticaResearch[09R04-18V11]The Neauismetica is a series of notes on the fiction of Dinaisth.
NeauseaNeon Hermetism[18B11-18B11]The Neausea is a sickness manifested in beings who knows their Soies position.
NeedlesSystems[16X05-16X05]Needles are glyphs of which the intersection count is equal to the value of the character.
Neon HermetismNeauismetica[15F04-18K07]Neon Hermetism is a collection of general Neauismetic concepts.
NeonevCharactersNeonev is a daughter of Rlionn.
NeralieTime[13J12-18L01]Neralie is a time format.View Online Itunes Library
NereidIllustration[14I02-16M03]Nereid is a dull grey moon.
NervousPolygonoscopy[16G04-16U09]Nervous are studies of Polygonoscopic Fields.
Nether Esper InsertsFirst Wave[08O09-09J13]Nether Esper Inserts was originally released as two albums, Nether Esper Inserts and Howls Virgil Systems, they were consolidated into a single release in 2017.
NetherlandsTravel[15J08-15J11]Trip to Netherlands in 2015 for Indievelopment.
New ZealandTravel[17V10-17X11]That time we lived in New Zealand.
NiueTravel[17P01-17P06]That time we sailed to the gorgeous coral shores of the country of Niue.Wikipedia
NohlxeserreNeauseaNohlxeserre is an hypothetical language from the Neauismetica.
NoircaMobile[14I09-15Y05]Noirca is a monochromatic camera tool.Itunes Github
NomadLifestyle[17B05-17D09]The Nomad diaries.
Noon GuestSoundtrack[16K01-18O01]Noon Guest is the official MoonQuest soundtrack.Bandcamp On Steam
Nor Let The FoolsLives[13A11-13B13]Nor let the fools created from unreleased materials.Bandcamp
NotebookResearch[07Z04-14E05]From the Notebook.
NutritionLifestyle[14Q03-19A06]The Nutrition diaries.Wikiversity
OcculterPhysical[12I12-12J09]Occulter is a shape inspired by the logo of a boutique I like.
OgasawaraTravel[19B11-19E05]Ogasawara is an offshore Japanese island.
Old CitiesSketchbook[06O01-06O02]The Old Cities were old drawings created for school.
Opal InquisitorsDuomic[15S05-15T10]The Opal Inquisitors is the first Duomic album.Bandcamp
OquonieGame[13O07-17Q03]Oquonie is a textless isometric puzzle game.For Desktop For Ios
Oquonie GuideOquonieThis Oquonie Guide is aimed at players who have gone past the loop of character changes.
Oquonie SoundtrackSoundtrack[14C14-14C14]The Oquonie Soundtrack, Impossible Spaces, is the ambient score of the game Oquonie.
OrcaPlayground[10O10-19D06]Orca is a visual programming playground.Builds Sources Demo
OsceanNataniev[08N10-19C13]Oscean is a flat-file wiki engine.Github
Otoroutes MiniaturesFirst Wave[09A07-09F11]Otoroutes Miniatures was created especially for the first large Toy Company festival.
ParadeParadiseParade is an experimental operating system inspired from Paradise.
ParadichlorisseCharactersParadichlorisse is a machine that speaks Nohlxeserre.
ParadisePlayground[11G11-18S14]Paradise is an IF playground.Download Sources
PearlsNereid[16N05-16N07]The Pearls are polygonoscopies of Nereid.
Pedestrian ParadiseLives[09N10-09R14]Pedestrian Paradise is an album made from various bits and pieces of unreleased material.
PersonalPhotography[10E13-12H03]The Personal album contain various memories.
PhotographyVisual[18J08-18J08]The Photography Portal collects various albums over multiple mediums.
PhysicalVisual[11Z07-18L05]These Physical objects are designed to be 3d printed.Downloads
Pi SetupRaspberry[18G04-18G04]A basic guide to a setup of the Raspberry Pi computers.
Pico BattleCollegiennes[10V03-12N01]Pico Battle is a colour-based multiplayer battle puzzler.Site Github
Pico3Collegiennes[10M03-10U12]Pico3 is a colour-based 3D puzzler.Win Osx
PinoHundred Rabbits[15P06-19B10]PINO is a Yamaha 33 sailboat built in 1982.Details Patreon
PlaygroundSoftwareThe Playgrounds are near-games, and toys.
PolygonoscopyIllustration[14S08-16T05]Polygonoscopy is a series of abstract videographies, recorded with the Kaleidoscope.
PolygoreNereid[16H06-16I04]Polygore are the base elements Nereid.
PortalionDuomic[16A14-16T13]Portalion is an album where Neonev leaves Duomo to explore the shores of Laeisth.Bandcamp
PsychologyCheatsheetsA cheatsheet on psychology.
PurgateusGame[14J12-14K02]Purgateus is a video game remix of Proteus.Venus Patrol Download Soundtrack
Purgateus SoundtrackSoundtrack[14K01-14K03]The Purgateus Soundtrack is the score for the Purgateus remix of the game Proteus.
QuotesMirrors[06P01-17P13]A collection of quotes.
Rabbits SoundtrackSoundtrack[15X13-15X13]The Rabbits Soundtrack is the drone audio tracks of the Hundred Rabbits video diaries.Bandcamp
RafinogradeMobile[14F13-15L08]Rafinograde was a drawing tool.Itunes Github
RamielBeldam Records[15A12-15B01]Ramiel is a Beldam Records release, by Villa Moirai.Bandcamp Itunes
RandomHomeWelcome to the redirection services.
RaspberryResearch[18G02-18K04]A collection of tools for the Raspberry Pi.
ReadingsDirectoryThe Readings is a curated list of books.
Regionsteam SnowdaysFirst Wave[06X06-06Y03]Regionsteam Snowdays is the first official Aliceffekt release.
RekkaHundred Rabbits[06N08-16I13]Rekka Bellum is an illustrator and writer.Website
RemixAliceffekt[10P11-13K01]The Remix collection contains a list of the Aliceffekt remixes and unique tracks made for compilations.
ResearchHome[14Y10-17I02]The Research hosts philosophy and linguistics projects.
Ring Of ScalesPhysical[12F04-12F04]The Ring Of Scales is a large ring made of 3 scales.Download
RivenOscean[18D10-19A07]Riven is a flow-based framework.Github
RlionnCharacters[11Q03-11Q03]Rlionn is a being who periodically manifest itself on Laeisth.
RoninTools[16W07-18S02]Ronin is a drawing tool.Download Source
RotondeWebring[17M04-17Y09]Rotonde is a P2P social network, superseeded by the Webring.Github Dat
RoutineLifestyle[18Q11-18Q11]The Routines and Habits diaries.Full Interview
RunicOsceanRunic is a templating format.Github Syntax
RussianLanguage[14B14-17N12]The Russian page is a collection of Russian study notes.
ServentinesNereid[14J07-16K06]Serventines is a travel diary from travels across Nereid.
Shikanokoa Vs 1h1dLives[10E02-10E08]Shikanokoa vs 1H1D is an album of improvisational tracks.
ShorthandSystemsShorthand is a calligraphy style developed to take faster notes.
SiseonUnity[10V07-11C09]Siseon is an exploration game set within a life-infested megastructure.
SketchbookArtwork[13M03-18O10]Various rough illustration from the sketchbook.
SoftwareResearchThe Software Portal is a collection of interactive applications.
SoiesNeon HermetismThe Soies are the studies of the influence of Actors.
Soies InjectionSoiesA Soies Injection is a syntetic event found in the occurring.
Soies MachineSoiesThe Soies Machine was the last machine.
SolarpunkLifestyle[18R03-18R05]The Solarpunk diaries.
SoundtrackAliceffektThe Soundtrack collection contains various scores written for Software projects.
South PacificTravel[17E07-17S03]Travel pictures from our crossing of the South Pacific ocean.Trip
Spagettini ScalePhysical[12E10-12E10]This scale was featured on the Makerbot Blog and should help you always cook the right quantity of pasta.
Spool HolderPhysical[12E12-12E12]This spool holder works with the PP3DP Printer and should allow you to fit a larger spool on your printer.Download
Stereo StationRaspberry[18H12-18H12]The Stereo Station aboard Pino.Guide
SupergridDemoSupergrid is a concept album created with Marabu.Github
SupervisitorDemo[14V14-17G14]Supervisitor is a concept album created with Arturia's Microbrute synthetiser.Bandcamp Itunes
SuperworkerDemo[17E08-17G11]Superworker is an album created with the PO-24.Bandcamp
SystemsNotebook[14M09-14M09]Various experimental writing and numerical systems.
TablatalOsceanTablatal is a collection format.Github
TalkNotebook[15I01-18H13]Periodical public research dumps.Github
TelekinesisTelekinetic[13S05-14U11]Telekinesis is a Pure Data controller and instrument used for Telekinetic.
TelekineticNeauismetic[13R11-13T09]Telekinetic is a Laeisthic concept album performed live with the Leap Motion controller.Bandcamp
Ten AxitectureBeldam Records[14R14-14U10]Ten Axitecture is a Beldam Records release by Aliceffekt.Bandcamp
TerminalUnreleased[17P08-17P08]The Nataniev Terminal is an operating system under development.
The Sartre MechanismNotebook[14X04-14X04]The perfect machine.
The Sixth SeasonNeauismetic[11B14-11T02]The Sixth Season sings the Neauismetic tales of the establishment of the Oasis by Rlionn.Bandcamp
The SublimeSouth Pacific[17G03-19B07]The Sublime, are various pictures taken at sea aboard Pino.
The Will The WispAutomatons[15L09-17J05]The will the wisp is a twitter bot that generates short rhymes.Twitter Github
Thousand RoomsPhysical[17F07-17I12]Thousand Rooms is a visual novel.Itcho Github
TimeNatanievDocumentation on the different time formats.
Time AlloyPolygonoscopy[15H12-15J01]The Time Alloy is a series of Polygonoscopic samples, created for The sartre mechanism.
To The Aeons HellLives[10M10-12U09]To the aeons hell was created in the spirit of Nor let the fools, being a mixture of unreleased remixes.Bandcamp
TokyoJapan[10E05-10F03]Unforgettable time in Tokyo between 2010 and 2012.
ToolsSoftwareThe Tools are a collection of multi-media creation tools.Itch Github
TrackerHoraireThe Tracker shows issues and balance.Rss Feed
TravelPhotography[13D03-15H11]Photoblog from Travels around the world.
TypographyIllustration[09N14-13O13]Typographies created for Nataniev and Lietal projects.Sources
UnitySoftware[15N09-15N12]The Unity collection contains various older desktop games.
UnreleasedResearch[11D02-11Z13]A list of Unreleased projects.
Valentinel HopesUnity[09W01-09W07]Valentinel Hopes is a platformer inspired from parkour and trance music.
VambitsDrownspire[10F02-18C14]Vambits are small DIY desktoys designed to be laser cut in acrylic.Github
VastPhysical[14G01-14H01]Vast is the first book of Elodie Lareine, a manual of procedural imagery.
VedicSystemsThe Vedic multiplication table is a very elegant and visual way to multiply.
VermillionthLives[11J03-11K13]Vermillionth was the recording of the live performance at the Kinetik Festival, in Montreal.Bandcamp
VerrecielGame[13X01-17R10]Verreciel is a space exploration game.Itunes Github
Verreciel SoundtrackBeldam Records[16F12-16J05]The Verreciel OST is a Beldam Records release, by Aliceffekt.Bandcamp
Vert Kirlian TheatreFirst Wave[08V07-08V10]The Vert Kirlian Theatre was created during on a long train ride, on the Yamanote line, during my first trip to Tokyo.
VetetrandesDinaisth[18A11-18A11]Vetetrandes is the remains of a city where Yajnev rests.
Vetetrandes LettresNeauismetic[12F14-12N10]Vetetrandes Lettres's songs sings of the first ages of Dinaisth on the island of Vetetrandes.Bandcamp
Victorian PunchPhysical[12G10-12G11]The Victorian Punch is a knuckle weapon.Source
VisualHome[10M04-18H09]The Visual hosts design and interaction projects.
VocavularistMobile[13O10-16S10]Vocavularist, is a vocabulary learning tool.Itunes Github
VolkenessenCollegiennes[12C02-12C06]Volkenessen is a multiplayer physics-based fighting game.Download Github
Waiting For HorusUnity[12C10-13H14]Waiting for Horus was a fast paced multiplayer arena type 3rd person shooter.Github
WallpaperIllustration[10H05-16S13]Collection of Wallpapers related to Nataniev and Horaire.
Weather StationUnreleased[18F12-18G05]The documentation for the weather station aboard Pino.Github
WebringNataniev[18J11-18J11]The Webring, like it's the 2000s.Github Jump In
WiktopherRekka[17U13-18T09]Wiktopher is Rekka's upcoming travel novel.Read Online About The Author
WisdomMirrors[13E06-18V06]A collection of notes on Wisdom.
WorkKnowledgeA collection of notes on work.
WorkstationInventory[17T01-18O07]The workstation specs.
WritingKnowledgeA collection of notes on writing.
YajnevCharacters[11O03-11O03]Yajnev's death engulfed Vetetrandes in an opaque impenetrable lock.
Yajnev StudiesNeauismetic[17Z10-18Y06]The Yajnev Studies is an upcoming album exploring Yajnev' sector Vetetrandes.
YletaodetaLietal[18R09-19D13]The Yletaodeta, is the Lietal writing system.The Lytadota Class
ZjeveniUnity[10L12-10M02]Zjeveni is a third person exploration game about climbing to the high points of the structure.