SOLRESOL: An English-Solresol Dictionary

This copy of the Solresol dictionary began with a version sent to me by Greg Baker. I HTMLised it, and converted the representation of Solresol notes to an unambiguous one. I also changed the ordering of the words to Solresol order, which makes their grouping into classes more obvious.

One Note Words

These seven words cover the most frequently used words in the English language.

D no, not
R and
M or
F at, to
S if
L the
T yes, agreed

Two Note Words

Although Sudre planned on using 49 two-note words, this list omits the seven repititious ones. These words form the particles and pronouns.

DR I, me, we, us
DM you
DF he, him
DS oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves
DL one, someone
DT other
RD my, mine
RM your, yours
RF his
RS our, ours
RL your, yours
RT their, theirs
MD for, so (so that)
MR that, which, who
MF whose
MS good
ML look!, here (is here!), there (is there!)
MT good evening, good night
FD what
FR with, together
FM this, that
FS why
FL good, delicious
FT much, very
SD but
SR in
SM evil, bad
SF because
SL always, without end
ST thank, thanks!
LD no-one, nothing
LR by (agent, means)
LM here, there
LF bad
LS never, ever
LT of (of the)
TD same (the same thing)
TR each (each one), every (every one)
TM good day
TF little, barely
TS mister, sir
TL boy, youth, bachelor

Three Note Words

Sudre planned on using 336 three note words; this list has only xxx of them. These words are used for common words.

DDR earth
DDM season
DDF winter
DDS spring
DDL summer
DDT autumn
DRD time, weather?
DRR January
DRM day
DRF week
DRS month
DRL year
DRT century
DMD universe
DMM February
DFF March
DSD hungry (be hungry)
DSR eat
DSM bread
DSF thirsty (be thirsty)
DSS April
DSL drink
DST water
DTD help, assist
DTF accomplish
DTT June
RDD one, unity, first
RDR think
RDS acquainted with (be acquainted with), know (person)
RRD July
RRM August
RRF September
RRS October
RRL November
RRT December
RMM two, second
RML give
RFD look at
RFR pass, cross over
RFF three, third
RFL ask
RFS encounter, meet
RFT reply, answer
RSD listen
RSM leave, come out of, go out of
RSF return, later (see you later)
RSS four
RSL pay
RLD sleepy (be sleepy)
RLL five
RTT six, sixth
MDD thirteen
MDF prefer
MDL reciprocity
MDS admire
MDT friend
MRR fourteen
MMD seven
MMR eight
MMF nine
MMS ten
MML eleven
MMT twelve
MFD pleasure
MFF fifteen
MFL wish
MSD come
MSR enter
MSL equality
MLR confidence, trust
MLT like, love
MTF husband
MTS happy, happiness, good luck
FDD eighty
FDM letter (probably mail)
FDF date (tell the date of)
FDS signature
FDT finish
FRD address, direct to
FRR hundred
FRM be
FRF go
FRL post, mail
FMD stamp, pay postage
FMR serve
FMM thousand
FMF stamp (postal stamp)
FML letter-carrier
FMS possess
FMT carry
FFR twenty
FFM thirty
FFS forty
FFL fifty
FFT sixty
FSR leave
FSL do, bring about
FST prepare
FLD necessary (it is necessary)
FLR able (be able to)
FLM means (means of doing)
FLF understand
FTR information
FTF want, wish
FTS cry, weep
FTL decide
SDD Sunday
SDR copy
SDS interpret, translate
SRR yesterday
SRF abridge, abbreviate
SRL dictionary
SRS language
SMD Devil
SMM today
SML remember
SFF tomorrow
SFL leave
SSD Monday
SSR Tuesday
SSM Wednesday
SSF Thursday
SSL Friday
SST Saturday
SLM pardon
SLL hour
SLS permit
SLT to go up, climb
STR joy, joyous
STM misfortune, unfortunate
STF laugh
LDM school, student
LDF read
LDT book
LRR fog
LRS lesson
LMR write
LMF pen (writing pen)
LML ink
LMS forget
LMT difficulty
LFF snow, hail?
LFD paper
LSD pencil
LSR entertain, amuse
LSF defeat
LSS ice, freeze
LST flour
LLF morning
LLS evening
LLT night
LTD something
LTF hesitate
LTT cold (it is cold)
TDD air
TDM enemy
TDF begin
TDL progress
TDS study
TDT learn
TRF exactitude
TRS correct
TMR explain
TMF meaning
TML ease
TFF sun
TFL repeat
TFT again
TST question
TLD compare
TLM detest
TLS to go down, descend
TTD rain
TTR wind, blow
TTS thunder, thunderstorm
TTL heat, hot (it is hot)

Four Note Words

The four note words are divided into seven classes, called keys, which depend on the initial note of the word. Each class represents some philosophical category. Sudre planned on designing 2268 four note words, although there are only xxx listed here.

Key of Do: Physical and Moral Aspects of Man

DDSD bible
DRDM body
DRDF head
DRDS hair
DRMR eye
DRFL arm
DMRD senses (the five senses)
DMRM see
DMRF touch, feel
DMRS taste
DMRL sense
DMRT hear
DMFD man
DMFR live
DMFS child
DMSF intelligence
DMLD say, speak
DMLR pronounce
DMTM liberty
DMTT superstition
DFDR wait for, wait on
DFMR quality
DFMM behind
DFFD Easter
DFSM beautiful
DFST truth
DFLD candor, sincerity
DFLR goodness, gentleness
DFLM sensibility
DFLF warmth (warm attitude)
DFLS generosity
DFLT humanity, humaneness
DFTF conscience
DFTS honesty
DSDR call
DSDS open
DSMF light, kindle
DSFM rise, get up
DSTF guide
DLDM accept, consent (consent to)
DLDF put, place
DLRS glass (drinking glass)
DLRT wine
DLFR food
DLFS soup, broth
DLSD meat
DTDR enough
DTDM vegetable
DTDF salad
DTDT egg
DTRD milk
DTRM butter
DTRF cheese
DTRL fruit
DTRT bakery
DTFD thoughtless, unwise act
DTFR beer
DTFS coffee
DTFT sugar
DTST chocolate
DTSF cooking, cuisine

Key of Re: Family, Household and Dress

RDRF shirt
RDRL shoe, boot
RDMD wash oneself
RDFF health (be healthy)
RDFT clothing
RDST umbrella
RRDR build, construct, construction
RRDL masonry
RMRM walk around
RMRD go, walk
RMRF car
RMRS visit
RMFL house
RMFT lodge, lodgings, reside, residence, rent
RMSD sleep
RMTS stairs
RFDM furniture
RFRF sit down
RFMD dead, die
RFFM locksmith
RFSD fire
RFSF equal, peer
RSDF hide
RFLD linen
RFLR tear, rip (rip up)
RFLM mend, darn
RFLF sew
RFTS cut, knife
RSRR pliers, pincers
RSTR work
RSML continue
RSFF hammer
RSLD tired (grow tired)
RSLM lie down, go to bed
RSLS rest, lie down
RSTD useful
RLDR bleach, wash, washing
RLML inexpensive, cheap
RLFF right (on the right)
RLFT hold, seize
RLSM find
RLLD cabinet-work
RTDD equipment, tools
RTDS family
RTDT father
RTRS son
RTMR brother
RTSR name
RTLM loan, lend
RTTD machine

Key of Mi:

MDDR how much, how many
MDRR almost, around
MDRF before
MDFL abandon, forsake
MDFS orphan
MDSD fear, be afraid of
MDLD refuse, reject
MRDL undertake (undertake a project)
MRRS gradually, imperceptibly
MMDM however, nevertheless
MMFD before, in front of
MMFR opposite, facing
MMFS everywhere
MMSR at (someone's house), with
MFRD selfishness
MFMF laziness
MSDL change
MSRD remain
MSRS receive
MSRL meet, get together
MLRL slander
MLTR play
MTMF responsibility
MTFD indiscretion
MTSD experience
MTLL last
MTTR without

Key of Fa:

FDRM country, rural
FDTD gardening
FDTT comfort, relieve
FRDR agriculture
FRDM after
FRDF plow, furrow
FRMF harvest, gather
FRSD horse
FRTR dog
FRTM cat
FMRR camphor
FMMD convalescence
FMFR army, troop
FMFL regiment
FFDR sick, sickness, be sick
FFDM consultation
FFDF doctor
FFDL dentist
FFDS surgeon
FFDT occultist
FFRS chemist, druggist, pharmacist
FFLR left (on the left)
FSRL pull
FSMR strategy, tactic
FSLM sailor
FSLT boat, ship
FLDR sail, travel by boat
FLRL? heal
FLFR flood
FLST unite, unity
FTDR travel
FTRD railroad, railway
FTRF transport
FTMR speed
FTMT advance
FTFS accident
FTSF way, path
FTSR throughout, through (go through)
FTLL anatomy
FTLT station

Key of So:

SDDF chillblain
SDRM theatre
SDRL black
SDSD close
SDST succeed
SDTD orchestra
SDTR instrument
SRMF sing
SMFS tone
SMSR music
SMST harmony
SFDD suffocation
SFMD age
SFLL danger
SSRD migraine
SLDL painting (art of painting)
SLMF sculpture
SLLR purgation
SLTR know (know a fact)
STDD bier
STDR literature
STFT new
STLD telegraph

Key of La: Industry and Commerce

LDRD industry
LDRM manufacture
LDRF matter, substance
LDRS produce
LDRL sell, retail
LDRT bulk (in bulk)
LDMD establish
LDMR store, shop
LDFD commerce, trade, merchant
LDLD muslin
LRDR colour
LRDL buy
LRDS white
LRMR violet
LRMF green
LRMS yellow
LRML blue
LRMT red
LRFR propose, offer
LRLR count
LRLM calculate
LRLF number (symbol)
LRSM string, twine
LRSL take
LRTD price
LRTR value
LMDS mix
LMMD tinsmith's
LMLF merchandise
LMLR expense
LMST all, everything
LFDR numbering
LFDM add, addition
LFDF subtract, subtraction
LFDS multiply, multiplication
LFDL divide, division
LFDT sharing, distribution
LFRL half
LFLD measure
LFLF litre
LFSD cash (on hand), money
LFSF money
LFSL franc, dollar
LFST centime, cent
LFTF gram
LSDD grocery store
LSRF metre
LSRL give back, repay
LSMR specimen, sample
LSFD display, show
LSFR exposition, exhibition
LSFM assortment, set
LSLF guarantee
LLRL bookstore
LLRT hardware store, iron monger's
LLMD press, printing shop
LLFD watchmaker's
LTDD butcher's
LTMS notions (store)
LTLT earn, win?

Key of Ti:

TDRD town, citizen
TDRT street
TDMT municipality
TDFS restaurant
TDFT market
TDTD middle, midst
TRDR government
TRDS election
TRTD diplomacy
TRTR politics, political?
TRTL republic
TMLD magazine, newspaper
TMTF recede, lose ground
TSMR finance
TSTF kill
TSTL fall
TFRM country, nation
TFMR internationalism
TFLF rendez-vous
TLMD police
TLTL lose
TTDS magistrature
TTMD testimony
TTLF imprisonment, police station

Five Note Words

Sudre planned on using 9072 five note words, although there are none known at this stage.

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