Each player starts with 9 random attached items on his back, and the goal is to strip the other player of his items by beating the crap out of him. When items are removed, they clutter up the playing area, making it even more cahotic and hilarious. The washing machine and sink in the background can also fall and bounce around!

Winning game of the Montreal edition of the Global Game Jam 2012, Volkenessen is a 2D Fighting game developed by Renaud Bedard and myself.

The game is available for download for OS X and Windows (64bits), for the non-64bits version, use the mirror on the Global Game Jam 2012 site.

You need a controller to play this game, it simply won't work with a keyboard. It was tested with the XBox controller and some generic Logitech controller. It will be presented at the IGDA tomorrow evening at the demo night and publicly playable for the first time at the next Indies Meetup and Toy Company festival in February.


You need two gamepads (so far the Xbox wired, wireless and a Logitech generic gamepad have been tested and work) to play, there are no keyboard control fallback (yet). The controls are pretty exotic. To move around you can press either the D-Pad (or left analog stick) or the face buttons (A/B/X/Y), and the direction of the button does the same input as if you pressed that D-Pad direction. As you move, your player will throw a punch, kick or flail his ears to make you move as a result.

To hit the other player, you need to get close to him by hitting away from him, then hit him by moving away from him. Ramming into the opponent just doesn't do it, you need to throw punches, and depending on the impact velocity, even that might not be enough. You can throw double-punches to make sure you land a solid hit and take off an item.

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