While the album begins in Vetetrandes, it moves to the shores of Dilitrielth and turns its attention across Kanikule and toward the Es'Gulf of Eaurison.

The album includes 4 edited tracks from the Es Gulf Sunflowers release. The Ver'Tale extension is a hint to a location of Whiinders, close to the visited Vert Kirlian Theatre.

The album begins with a track about Yajnev, the composition is based on his trip near the white trees of the Oasis and the Children of Brambles.

The album is part of Aliceffekt's Neauismetic albums.

The tales of Yajnev are coming into focusBuilding for the foundations of EaurisonWe built cities in hexagonsCoastal, seen from the other shoresOur forgotten alphabetA Summer Spent Sunken (Ver'Tale)Never Tell Evelyn Of This Place (Ver'Tale)Building for the festival aux Jardins d'Opal (Ver'Tale)Views from within the Millionth Nebulum
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