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Created in 1998, Traumae is a synthetic language by Devine Lu Linvega for language processing experiments and research.

The Traumae language has 27 root syllables, each associated to a core idea - combinable and specific, to make all permutations of its alphabet possible. Written from left to right with implicit neutrality, words and groups of word are both ruled by the same grammatical logics. And so, a single letter or a word will work as a function onto the succeeding pieces of the phrase.

Vilo pi 1998, Traumae lo vi dix vip Devine Lu Linvega po dix tivo xa vix. 27 dik vid lo la traumae dix, sal vota lati tix - la xa xas lo toxi, sal sato lo to. Lobid paki libo pi lixo las lita, dipix xa sadip vota dati dop. La vid xa la sadip vop kai pal dipix.

Text translated into Traumae

The Dictionaery is a generated list of all registered/coined Traumae words.

The Traumae flag was released on February 2016, the graphic's ratio is 11:18(1.636). The three circles symbolizes the three root letters of the Traumae language, XDB, and are each connected with a single stroke that closes itself again.

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