Below is an abbreviated and edited list from PTFQ's original essay Three Tiers Of Mind.

The self

Defined by intentions Defined by association Defined by the past
Self-Actualization Social Validation Comfort and Basic Needs
Made Shaped Molded
Defines a label Picks a label Is given a label

The aspirations

Wants to do Wants to be Wants to have
Wants to live forever Wants to be remembered Wants to die happy
Fears the lack of time Fears being wrong Fears not having enough
Thinks of the future Thinks of what others will think Thinks of the money

The actions

Talks about ideas Talks about people Talks about things
Thinks in pictures Thinks in words Thinks in feelings
Likes the story Likes the artist Likes the effects
Clings to the future Clings to the present Clings to the past
Innovates Improves Repeats
Does it with you Tells you what to do Does it for you
Solves the problem Asks for the solution Copies the solution
Make it happen Fake it till you make it Wait until it happens
Praises what you did Praises who you are Praises what you have

The authority

Logic, Power, Authenticity Authority, Purpose, Conformity Experience, Freedom, Complacency
Create Resell Consume
Imagination Rearrangement Trial and error
Respects you Respects your status Respects you earnings
Looks for equals Looks for leaders Looks for gods
Puppet master Strings Puppet
Power is created Power is given Power is born into
Defensive if misunderstood Defensive of their authority Defensive of anything personal
Because I want to Because you’re supposed to Because it feels good/bad
Wrong if illogical Wrong if no one else agrees Wrong if I don’t see it
Kantian Utilitarian Hedonistic
Can't stand boredom Can't stand uncertainty Can’t stand pain

The truth

Understands Memorizes Improvises
From experiments From memorization From conditioning
Rather be unhappy with truth Rather be happy with a lie Rather not know
Arrogance is ignoring reason Arrogance is ignoring majority Arrogance is being right too often
Truth is objective Truth is what others say Truth is what I see
Know the truth Know your place Know your limits
Perception is malleable Perception is reality Perception is BS

The world

Universe is deterministic Universe is rule-based Universe is chance
Because cause-effect Because what others say so Just because
Proof by logic Proof by social validation Proof by empirical evidence
Unknown is unknown Unknown is zero Unknown is random
The world is the beginning The world is the world The world is the limit
Trapped by the universe Trapped by society Trapped by the body
The world is mine The world is everyone else's The world is rigged
Absolutes exist Absolutes are bad Nothing is absolute
World is a sandbox World is chutes and ladders World is a hierarchy
Chess board Race track Mouse trap
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