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Welcome to the documentation and playground of the Nataniev ecosystem.

This wiki provides documentation and narrative context for the various Audio, Visual and Research projects of multmedia developer Devine Lu Linvega. If this is your first time around, a good place to begin your exploration is the Diary.


The Audio sector hosts all projects focusing on sound and live shows.


The Visual sector hosts all projects focusing on to design and interaction.


The Research sector hosts all projects focusing on philosophy and linguistics.


A collection of twitter games and chatbots, along with their source files.

Beldam records

Created in collaboration with Elodie Lareine, Beldam Records is a label focusing on pop idm and experimental dance music.

Each release is 4 tracks long, and includes an animation video version of the album art.


This list shows all of the desktop projects built of the last few years.


Collaboration with the BentoMiso coworking space.

XXIIVV will present live experimental music performances from Adversary, Ilkae, Dualryan and Aliceffekt alongside the visualists Nonante and Melesul3, following the yearly Bit Bazzar market on December 6th, 2014.

Domestic moire

Look into it as it gaze back into you.


EFLI, 103.0FM, was a pirate radio broadcast, available from Montreal's Plateau area, between 22:00 and 6:00.

The radio started broadcasting on May 20th, 2015 and stopped transmitting on December 20th. It played various permutations of the Eschatolor album.

Es gulf sunflowers

Es Gulf Sunflowers tale remembers the gorgeous sunken fields of Es - the underwater jump gate to Dinaisth, for its vast ocean terrace and display of sunflowers.


Aliceffekt, is an audio project following the adventures of Neonev across Dinaisth.

A travel across the fictional worlds of the Neauismetica where every album is a sort of travel diary across the Dinaisth landscape.

First wave

The First Wave contains material mostly unrelated to the Neauismetica and proto-Aliceffekt.

Regionsteam snowdays

Regionsteam Snowdays is the first official Aliceffekt release.


Downtemperature is the first Aliceffekt EP, released originally as three albums First Air & Last Aid, Goneplains and Downtemperature.

The three albums were consolidated into a single release in 2017, this album was also never performed live.


Blam is an improvisational album created as a live performance, that ultimately fell through.

Vert kirlian theatre

The Vert Kirlian Theatre was created during on a long train ride, on the Yamanote line, during my first trip to Tokyo.

This release inspired the creation of From Saharaphorest.

Ann yozora saint

Ann Yozora Saint was originally released as two albums, Ann Yozora Saint and Lu's Floral Funeralis, they were consolidated into a single release in 2017.

Nether esper inserts

Nether Esper Inserts was originally released as two albums, Nether Esper Inserts and Howls Virgil Systems, they were consolidated into a single release in 2017.

Libri Qvinti Appendice.wavVisiting God First Era.wavGyroscope VI.wavTheorem of Theories.wavWise Persons.wavVY00RGYL

Otoroutes miniatures

Otoroutes Miniatures was created especially for the first large Toy Company festival.

Idyllic miners

Idyllic Miners was created for the Kinetik Festival.

Hex hive necklace

A small design necklace, looks great in black.


Rekka Bellum is an illustrator and writter who narrates the Hundred Rabbits videos.

Rekka is also the illustrator of Oquonie, manager of Grimgrains and was founder of Drownspire.

Hundred rabbits

Hundred Rabbits, is a nomad design studio founded by Rekka aboard a sailboat.

This partnership is host to interactive projects like Oquonie, Grimgrains and travel diaries. A Patreon page is available to help fund the production of monthly videos and liveaboard documentation.


PINO, is a 33' Yamaha sailboat, built in 1982. Home and office to Hundred Rabbits.

Purchased in 2016, on Vancouver Island, Pino has since sailed across the Pacific Ocean. You can learn more about the boat here.


Grimgrains is a food blog maintained by Hundred Rabbits, documenting interesting food experiments and lifestyle.


The Branding base is a collection of major icons of the Nataniev ecosystem.


A collection of illustrated projects.


The Artwork collection is various illustrations drawn over the years, unrelated to other XXIIVV projects.


Various rough illustration from the sketchbook.


Malice, GAII or 害意, tells the earlier tales of Neonev as she crossed the Kanikule ocean.

The tracks are singing of the daily discoveries, and it's darker distances. The Malice logo was designed by Jan Vranovský.


A list of Unreleased projects, or abandoned projects, indefinite put on hold and unsupported.


Trimetrique is a light-painting mobile application.


Eakout is a two player breakout game for mobile.

Merveilles portable

Merveilles Portable was a small MMORPG set in a tiny brown world where players could interact with eachothers using a glyph language.

The game ran around 2009-2011, and was eventually shut down due to a complicated migration.


Milavrega was a mobile game happening in someone's lost phone.

You must try and find your way through the folders, emails and contacts to decypher the enigma of the phone's owner.


A collection of dj sets recorded over the years, ranging from industrial, to classical to idm.

Some of the tracklists were lost, feel free to contact me if you need to find the name of a specific track. The entire collection is available here while the individual tracklists can be seen bellow.


This collection of mobile apps constitutes a series of games, tools and experiments on UX and linguistics.


Ledoliel is a strange dating-sim game for iOS.

Procedural creatures and their bizarre customs, where you must try and figure out what topics they might want to discuss, gift they might want to receive and places they may like to be touched - based on their cryptic attributes.


Entaloneralie is another experimental watchface.

While the old design displayed a circular layout and binary type format. The redesign explores an entirely different system of displaying minutes and is meant to be a toy, a distraction.


Dew is a minimalist alarm application that uses a single touch.

The application will then wake you with a soft white noise tone that will gradually bring you back to reality.


Alphavetist is a minimalist alphabet learning application.

Currently included are the Hebrew, Cyrillic, Korean, Inuktitut, Greek, Morse and Japanese alphabets.


Vocavularist, is a vocabulary review application.

It contains the 600 first kanji, 600 simple Russian words and 800 simple korean expressions.


Noirca is a minimalist monochromatic camera application for iOS.

The app has one purpose, to launch quickly and render the photos with a softly washed out B&W film quality.


Rafinograde is a minimalist sketching application, a distraction.


The Colour collection are a series of experiments involving colours.


Modernista is a series of 4 prints inspired from American Modernism.


Looking into the infinitely veiled.


Beauty is a series of portraits of Nereid beauties.


A study of the base elements of this world.


Occulter is a 3d printed shape inspired by the logo of a boutique I admire and that sells black things.


Markl is an upcoming puzzle game designed for computer programs to play, and not humans.

More details shortly.


These are a couple object I designed that can be 3d printed. You can see additional designs on Thingiverse.


Polygonoscopy is a series of abstract videographies, recorded with the Kaleidoscope.


Frozen Polygonoscopic drops, similar to snowflakes.


The Polygonoscopic Kaleidoscope records the intersection of overlapping structures, our reality's z-fighting.

Nothing is as reassuring as looking through the Polygonoscope and seeing everything is where you left it.


Navigating the nullplane of Dischromatic Nullcolour Anti-pigments.

The Hypervoid pieces were selected to be on the cover of the second volume of the Amaze Newspaper.


Branes are digital fabrics.

exposed the MIGS gallery on november 10th 2014.


The Astratas topologic maps oscillate to Serventines's Polygonoscopic frequencies.

Ar moire

The Ar Moire diagrams are Polygonoscopic sounds.


Nervous is a eries of Vertexbrates.

Lard shader

This is a 3d vertex shader applied on a 2d image, transforming neoclassical painted figures into plump versions of themselves.

The shader first creates a vertical vertex displacement based on the intersection of brightness and red pixel values, and then re-apply itself 3 times onto the resulted new topology.

Ring of scales

A large ring I made to learn about 3d printing.


The Neauismetic albums are audio diaries from the early ages of the Neauismetica.


Telekinesis is a Leap Motion based controller that allows, through Pure Data, to control multiple midi instruments at once.

The tool was used for both, the live performance of Telekinetic and Ten Axitecture. The picture was taken at 8Static, by Marjorie Becker.


Serventines is a travel diary documenting travels across Nereid's various regions, the small planet's skies and gravitating objects.


The Interactive Portal contains all the released interactive applications.

The interactive project list contains various completed and unreleased experiments and games for iOS, desktop and browser.


The Unity Portal contains various unity-built desktop games.

Sadly, a lot of these games were lost in a computer death, and are only listed here for memory's sake. Some additional Unity games are available under Collegiennes.


Siseon is an exploration game set within a life-infested megastructure.


Zjeveni is a third person exploration game about climbing to the high points of the structure.


Drypoint is a very hard platformer game for keyboard cowboys.

See if you can get to the blue door. Read about Drypoint on the TIGSource forum tread.


The Table Portal contains various board game guides.

The interactive project list contains various completed and unreleased experiments and games for iOS, desktop and browser.

Donsol guide

Donsol, created in collaboration with John Eternal, is a card game about exploring a dungeon made of a standard 54 poker card set.

Domine guide

This Domine Guide will show you how to play a simple game two player game, with dominoes.


Collegiennes is a game jam collective initiated with Renaud Bedard.

Waiting for horus

Waiting for Horus was a fast paced multiplayer arena type 3rd person shooter.

Spagettini scale

This scale was featured on the Makerbot Blog and should help you always cook the right quantity of pasta.

Spool holder

This spool holder works with the PP3DP Printer and should allow you to fit a larger spool on your printer.


Tarpophobia is the fear of seeing yourself fractalized onto reflective surfaces, especially onto eyes.


The Laeisthic albums are Neauismetic albums occuring only within the Laeisth continent of Dinaisth.


The Duomic albums are Neauismetic records of Neonev's travel from Duomo to Dilitrielth.

Dei dain

Dei Dain is the third Duomic album, where Neonev travels from the desert of Laeisth to the nightly scapes of Dilitrielth.

From DilitrielthAll I see are YousEscape from Kanikule, Neau (part 1)Escape from Kanikule, Laeisth (part 2)Escape from Kanikule, Dinaisth (part 3)Whiinders_Ver'TaleEscape from Kanikule, Es (part 4)Our forgotten alphabetKirleane Coral ParasolsCredits


Live sessions from various shows.

Shikanokoa vs 1h1d

Shikanokoa vs 1H1D was recorded in Osaka at the event of the same name, with mostly improvisational tracks.

Pedestrian paradise

Pedestrian Paradise was recorded at the Piknik Electronic event in Montreal from various bits and pieces of unreleased material.

Nor let the fools

Nor let the fools was recorded live, in Tokyo at a mashup/chiptune evening, created from unreleased materials.

To the aeons hell

To the aeons hell was created in the spirit of Nor let the fools, being a mixture of unreleased remixes.


Vermillionth was the recording of the live performance at the Kinetik Festival, in Montreal.

Time alloy

The Time Alloy is a series of Polygonoscopic samples, taken from The sartre mechanism.


The Demos are concept albums created with specific pieces of hardwares.


Supervisitor is a concept album created with Arturia's analog and monophonic Microbrute synthetiser.



The Soundtrack collection contains various scores written for Interactive projects.

Oquonie soundtrack

The Oquonie Soundtrack, Impossible Spaces, is the ambient score of the game Oquonie.

Quiet Times NumbersThe Necomedre DoorThe Nephtaline PathThe Neomine GateThe Nestorine RiftThe Nemedique WarpThe Nepturne HallThe Nastazie BibliotecaThe Pillar RoomThe Town Theme: Side AThe Town Theme: Side BThe Twilight Town ThemeThe Warp ZoneThe Purgatories Visitor(Bonus)The Telephone Player(Bonus)The City Without Streets: Side A(Bonus)The City Without Streets: Side B(Bonus)Bonus Track

Rabbits soundtrack

The Rabbits Soundtrack is the drone audio tracks of the Hundred Rabbits video diaries.

Selection Q116Selection Q216Selection Q316Selection Q117Selection Q217(TBA)Selection Q317(TBA)

Purgateus soundtrack

The Purgateus Soundtrack is the score for the Purgateus remix of the game Proteus.

Islandwalk CreatureInverted Alps in SpringThe Six New Gods"Where Underwater Is"Looking For Silent HillsCya


Some of the typographies I have created over time, feel free to use them as you wish.

Defraction optics

Defraction Optics is the second book of Elodie Lareine, a manual of procedural imagery, in the fashion of Vast.

Verreciel soundtrack

This soundtrack release, written by Aliceffekt for the mobile application Verreciel, features a fair dose of breaks and Beldam's signature vocoded synths.

Loiqe RecordValen SilenceSenni MarketUsul Fog


Collection of Wallpapers related to Nataniev and Horaire.


The Neauismetica is a collection of notes on the fictional world of Dinaisth.

Referenced in almost all of the Nataniev projects, tales of this small planet are told through Aliceffekt's music, Devine's illustrations and are the culture behind the Lietal Language.


Dinaisth is both the name of the planet and of a continent which harbors Andes' offices.


Kanikule is an infinite ocean that an immortal will spend an infitite amount of time crossing, effectively reaching the outer-shores mortal.

While one can sail away from the point that is Neau, one cannot return to it.


Neau is a circular city, notable for its blue rooftops, displaying a tall spire at its center. It is also the place from which the Neauismetica derives its name.

The city exists at the center of the vast ocean of Kanikule and was the birthplace of Lietal.


Laeisth is a desert surrounding the Rlionn Oasis, a blackened chasm where creeps the clones of its violent host.


Vetetrandes once was the largest city of Dinaisth, before Yajnev caused it to become unreachable.

As you would approach the epicenter of the bound city, time is increasingly unmoving. It is said that, at its center, one can find the corpse of Yajnev, who's head is believed to have been empty with void, and that what lied outside was actually within.


The Duomo plateau rises just above the lightest atmosphere of Dinaisth.




A branch of Neon Hermetists aspiring to solve the Ehrivevnv puzzle, often called The Courtship Of The Immortal Birds.


Yajnev, who's death engulfed Vetetrandes in an opaque and impenetrable lock, was the Neon Hermetism founder.

In his life, Yajnev worked with Andes in what came to be the Neon Hermetism and wrote the original papers on Neausea.


Andes traversed into Dinaisth's timeline shortly before the first season and brought along tools to study the Ehrivevnv.

The role of Andes in the Yajnev Collapse is unknown, but his arrival coincides with the destruction of Vetetrandes.


Neonev, daughter of Rlionn, has traveled Dinaisth after she had appeared on a raft from Kanikule during the first season.

Neonev met with Andes at their arrival in the northern part of Dinaisth and again before their visit at Paradichlorisse in the last season. While they lived apart, they corresponded as Neon Hermetism collaborators.


The Photography Portal collects various albums over multiple mediums.


The macro album contains various shots from up close.


The Infrared album contains photographs taken with an old modified Nikon D3000 camera.


Color film photography diary of the life aboard Pino.

This album will be updated periodically, shot with the Voightlander 250 Jaher. A black & white album is also maintained.


Black & White film photography diary of the life aboard Pino.

This album will be updated periodically, shot with the Voightlander 250 Jaher.


Photoblog from Travels around the world, I highlighted some of my favourite trips in the list below.


Travel diary for our trip to Ars Electronica in Linz, followed with Vienna, in September of 2015.


Various landscapes taken around America.

Some taken while in a 52 hours train ride during Train Jam in 2015, from Chicago to San Francisco


Trip to Netherlands in 2015 for Indievelopment.


A variety of diary entries written throughout trips to Japan.

I have lived in Japan from 2012 to 2014 and flew back and forth numerous times from 2008 to 2015. Rekka and I are currently sailing back there aboard Pino.


Our trip up Mount Fuji.


Trip to Czech Republic in 2011.

South pacific

Travel pictures from our South Pacific crossing and of some of the islands we have seen.


Drownspire was the name of an online store founded with Rekka Bellum, back in 2009.

Our goals then, fueled what is now Hundred rabbits. We distributed the Vambits designer toys and published the Merure books.


A series of books I published with friends.


Vambits are small DIY desktoys designed to be laser cutted in acrylic. The product was initially created with Ponoko.

The design was eventually ripped and sold by various resellers on Esty and in stores in Australia. The design templates are now available on Github for anyone to download and customize.


Various notes written as stories.

Language of the birds

Immortals speak not with words but wait for things to happen, and merely points at them.


This portal is a collecting notes on natural and syntetic languages.

Some of the tasks at hand might involve translating the wiki into English Prime, E′. Also see correspondances between Lietal against Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. In another order of ideas, the analysis of the Logopandecteision sounds like a fun project. I should compare Lietal against the rules of Neaudethaumata.


This page is currently used to store hours invested in learning Japanese. It will, hopefully, become a series of notes on the language at some point in time.


This page is currently used to store hours invested in learning Russian. It will, hopefully, become a series of notes on the language at some point in time.


These talks were created as periodical research dumps, often gravitating around the topics of the hexagrammaton and Horaire.

Grand oeuvre

The Grand Oeuvre, as per Trisight vocabulary, is the sum of one's output goals.

In the context of Devine Lu Linvega, it includes, with the help of Horaire, the completion of the Neauismetica, and Nataniev.


The Suite is a series of open-source and web-based tools designed as offerings to Nataniev.

Marabu guide

Welcome to the Marabu guide.


Lietal is a synthetic language created to experiment with linguistics and translation.

1.0 Basics1.2 Phonology1.3 Morphology2.0 Vocabulary2.2 Pronouns2.3 Questions2.4 Tenses2.5 Verbs2.6 Prepositions2.7 Colors2.8 Numbers2.9 Foreign words3.0 Grammar3.2 Construction3.3 Collections3.4 Settings3.5 Summary4.0 Practice4.2 Introduction4.3 Vocabulary4.4 Dokita taro lyfalo forilora. 5.0 Development5.2 Contribute


Welcome to the Lietal documentation. Viro kär'of lietäl'takït.


Lietal is written from left to right with implicit neutrality, singularity and under the present tense. For the most part, its 6 vowels and 9 consonants are voiced similarly to their english equivalents.

6 Vowels
ileaves ahexagram oautomobile
enever unew ybuy
9 Consonants
kkiss ttitle ddevice
rreturn ssymphony lligature
jgenesis vvideo ffestival


Building words from Lietal's phonemes is called childspeak. It makes for rythmical and syllabic words, but which take quite a long time to say. This documentation uses the phonetically denser adultspeak.

Single syllable words are reversed, so vo becomes ov. Vowel sequences, like lara, are condensed into lär. Consonant sequences, like lyfasa, are condensed into lyfäs.

To Readfatatifatai


The Aebeth is a collection of 9 elementary particles, or Aeths, used to build all Lietal words. The Aeths are made of a key(consonant) and one of the 6 values(vowels).




Usually, a sentence is expected to be at the first person if a pronoun has not already been declared, pronouns are often ommited when possible.

English I give you the book. Lietal Fïr lari todoti. Construct to_give you book
IlaroHe shelärYoulari
MykolaroHis herkolärYourkolari


Question words are used as a parameter to a verb.

English where are you? Lietal Lari'of jaky. Construct you.to_be where


A Lietal sentence is, by default, at the present tense. The present tense marker is used to contrast against an already defined tense. Tenses markers are used at the end of the sentence.

English I could not go to school. Lietal Fori'dijör radoti. Construct to_go.negative_past school
Negative pastdijörNegative presentdijoraNegative futuredijori
Potential pastdijaroPotential futuredijariPotential presentdijär
Imperative pastdijiroImperative presentdijiraImperative futuredijïr
Imperative negativedijio


Verbs are used at the end of a sentence, right before the tense marker. They are not conjugated. Verbs are generally built from the fy family.

English I will take the book home. Lietal Tokafo'ar ev firo'dïr todoti. Construct ! to_take.future book
To goforiTo stayforaTo comeför
To addfïsTo removefiloTo substractfiso
To combinefïsTo assemblefïsTo dividefïl
To takefiroTo holdfiraTo givefïr
To listenfaroTo seeafTo showfari
To becomeforiTo writefïtTo drawfita
To buildfitoTo understandfatiTo sayfari
To speakfariTo warnfarijavoTo destroyfilo
To beofTo readfataiTo rememberfadiro
To wearfotakoTo walkforiloraTo askfaroja
To namefatadyTo talkfaretiTo insertfiko
To findfajiTo searchfäjTo openfiro
To doifTo containfokiTo enterforoka
To leaveforikaTo attackfivotaTo havefoki
To editfideTo thankfavify


Lietal prepositions are aeths used as particles, placed after the word that they affect.

English I am going to the house in the city. Lietal Fori'dïr doradali'tokafo'ok. Construct to_go.future


Colors are built by combining lyra(speed) and lyfa(color).

English yellow is between red and green. Lietal Lyfalök'of el lyfalo es lyfäl ul'käs. Construct yellow.to_be [ red & green ].between


Numbers are built by combining yl(counter) and ys(relation). When base10 is used, eleven is not used.

23 Lira'il lio. 341 Loe'lio ul'lï al. 1782 Lae ul'lisa ul'lïs il. 900'780 Lielo'liro loe'lisa ul'lïs.

When going through a long number, one can choose to use ul instead of the next immediate zero.

29'600'000 Lieli'il liela'liro lielo'liso. 29'600'000 Lieli'il ul'liro ul'liso.

When one wants to talk about mathematics.

2 + 4 + 6 Fïs el il es lia es liso ul. 2.64 Il'ok lira'liso lia. 2 / 6 = 3 Fïl el il es liso ul ev of lio. 2 - 6 = -4 Fiso el il es liso ul ev of lio'dijo.

Foreign words

People's names, or words without Lietal equivalence, are usually Lietalized, which is the process of spelling foreign words with lietal constructs.



The grammar is akin to that of an object oriented programming language, look at the follow sentence and observe how even parenteses have phonetics attached.

WelcomeViro. GoodbyeVïr.
Yes, I understandIv fati'dija. No, I don't understandOv fati'dijo.
Speak to me in LietalFari'dïj lietäl. Please, say that againJavi fari'dïj lia.
Do you speak Lietal?Fari'dijär lietäl. Yes, I speak a littleIv fari'dijär talo.
What is your name?Tady'of jado. My name is LucasTady el lucas ul.


English My name is Lucas. Lietal Tady'of lucas. Construct name.to_be Lucas

Notice how the pronoun was ommited, in return if you want to address another person. This will have the effect of saying something like "But your name is Lucas."

English Your name is Lucas. Lietal Lari'tady'of lucas. Construct Lucas

Now let us look at how the tenses are used as the method of an action.

English Call me Lucas. Lietal Fatady'dïj laro lucas. Construct to_name.imperative I Lucas


Sequences of things can be grouped together into collections and used as a single entity.

English The house is red and blue Lietal Tokafo'of el lyfalo es lyfaloki ul. Construct house.to_be [ red & blue ]

Below is another example with a different sentence structure.

English The red and blue house is small. Lietal Tokafo el lyfalo es lyfaloki ul'of taro. Construct house [ red & blue ].to_be small

Numbers are also using collections

English The address is two hundred twenty three. Lietal Tokafo'tady el loe'il lira'lio lia ul. Construct [ 100.2 10.3 4 ]


Settings are the environment of the sentence, it preceeds a sentence.

English I will go to school tomorrow. Lietal Dilai ev fori'dïr kadoti. Construct tomorrow ! to_go.future library

Here is the usage of a collection as the settings.

English I will go to school, either today or tomorrow. Lietal El dila us dilai ul ev fori'dïr kadoti. Construct [ today | tomorrow ] ! to_go.future library


Here is an example including all of the previous lessons.

English Tomorrow, I might go to either the school, home or to the library Lietal Dilai ev fori'dijari el radoti us tokafo us kadoti ul. Construct tomorrow ! to_go.potential_future [ school | house | library ]



Below is the translation of a segment of the Little Red Riding Hood, try to see if you can make sense of it.


ChildspeakAdultspeak ChildspeakAdultspeak
Grandmotherdarokikidarokï Motherdarokidaroki
Strangerdasudasu Woodskadadokadao
Basketdosakodosako Cloakdokitadokita
To wearfotakofotako To sayfarifari

Dokita taro lyfalo forilora.

Little Red Riding Hood Dokita taro lyfalo forilora.
Whenever she went out, the little girl wore a red riding cloakLär'forilora kia ev lär'fotako dokita el taro es lyfalo ul.
so everyone in the village called her Little Red Riding HoodDoradali'fatady lär dokita taro lyfalo forilora .
One morning, Little Red Riding Hood asked her motherRïd ev lär'faroja daroki.
if she could go to visit her grandmother as it had been awhile since they'd seen each otherDija ev laro'fori darokï'tokafo.
"That's a good idea", her mother said Daroki'fari koti el iv ul .
So they packed a nice basket for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her grandmotherEl lär es daroki ul'fïs dosako.
When the basket was ready, the little girl put on her red cloak and kissed her mother goodbyeDosako el sako ul ev el fotako dokita es fïr daroki davita ul.
"Remember, go straight to Grandma's house", her mother cautionedDaroki'farijavo lär'fori darokï'tokafo'jïr.
"Don't dawdle along the way and please don't talk to strangers!"El fori salira us fareti dasu ul'dijio.
"The woods are dangerous." Kadao el vofita ul.



You can improve this documentation by the means of pull requests on documentation.rb, and you can add new words with

Inner haven

The Inner Haven is a safe location within Paradise that includes tutorials and documentation.

warp to 1 The haven can returned to by warping to 1.


Maeve is an automated vessel, traveling around the virtual scapes of Paradise looking for incomplete vessels and errors.

Rating each vessel with an index, it deletes redundant vessels and move vessels outside of the void.


The Forum is a place within each topic, to ask questions.


The Diary contains photographic logs within Horaire.


The Portal lists Nataniev's major categories of topics.


The Dictionaery is a list of all the known Lietal words.

The Dictionaery currently contains 235 words with translation.

0 Number ol lo none()
1 Number al la single()
1'000'000 Number liela lilela multiple(push,single)
1'000'000'000 Number liesa lilesa multiple(push,united)
10 Number lira multiple(position)
10'000 Number lie lile multiple(push)
10'000'000 Number lieli lileli multiple(push,multiple)
100 Number loe lole none(push)
100'000 Number lielo lilelo multiple(push,none)
100'000'000 Number lieso lileso multiple(push,without)
1000 Number lae lale single(push)
10^10 Number lieri lileri multiple(push,outward)
10^7 Number liesi lilesi multiple(push,with)
10^8 Number liero lilero multiple(push,inward)
10^9 Number liera lilera multiple(push,position)
11 Number lïr liri multiple(outward)
2 Number il li multiple()
3 Number lio lilo multiple(none)
4 Number lia lila multiple(single)
5 Number lili multiple(multiple)
6 Number liso multiple(without)
7 Number lisa multiple(united)
8 Number lïs lisi multiple(with)
9 Number liro multiple(inward)
Again Preposition lia lila multiple(single)
And Preposition is si with()
Assembled Relation sako united(children)
At Preposition ak ka location()
Automation Direction rido outward(synthetic)
Aware Modality jäf jafa possible(to_see)
Basket Structure dosako synthetic(united,children)
Bat Foreign vät vata neutral(phisionomic)
Beings Structure dali organic(multiple)
Between Preposition käs kasa location(united)
Black Color lyfaso counter(to_see,without)
Blue Color lyfaloki counter(to_see,none,parent)
Book State todoti physic(synthetic,psychologic)
Bye Expression vïr viri positive(outward)
Can Preposition aj ja possible()
Cannot Preposition oj jo impossible()
Cat Foreign kät kata location(phisionomic)
Children Hierarchy ok ko children()
City Structure doradali synthetic(position,organic,multiple)
Cloak Structure dokita synthetic(parent,phisionomic)
Collection pop Counter ul lu pop()
Collection push Counter el le push()
Color Counter lyfa counter(to_see)
Connect Hierarchy ek ke connect()
Counter Counter yl ly counter()
Crowded Structure dulida chaos(multiple,organic)
Dangerous Alignment vofita negative(to_make,phisionomic)
Desk State todeo todedo physic(order,synthetic)
Directly Modality jïr jiri certain(outward)
Disconnect Hierarchy uk ku disconnect()
Documentation State takït takiti phisionomic(parent,psychologic)
Event Hierarchy kodi children(complex)
Everyone Preposition salida united(multiple,organic)
Everything Preposition sadola united(synthetic,single)
Eye Structure däf dafa organic(to_see)
False Alignment uv vu false()
Fast Counter lira multiple(position)
Father Structure darïk dariki organic(outward,parent)
Few State talo phisionomic(none)
First Counter lyde counter(order)
Fox Foreign föj fojo to_be(impossible)
From Preposition or ro inward()
Future Time Marker dïr diri complex(outward)
Good Alignment iv vi positive()
Grandfather Structure darikï darikiki organic(outward,parent,parent)
Grandmother Structure darokï darokiki organic(inward,parent,parent)
Grandparent Structure dakï dakiki organic(parent,parent)
Green Color lyfäl lyfala counter(to_see,single)
Grey Color lyfäs lyfasa counter(to_see,united)
Hand Structure dafi organic(to_make)
Handwritting State tado phisionomic(synthetic)
Heart Structure dafo organic(to_be)
Hello Expression viro positive(inward)
Here Preposition kär kara location(position)
He she Pronoun lär lara single(position)
His her Pronoun kolär kolara children(single,position)
House State tokafo physic(location,to_be)
How Question Word jafy possible(interaction)
I Pronoun laro single(inward)
Idea Hierarchy koti children(psychologic)
Imperative Time Marker dïj diji complex(certain)
Imperative future Time Marker dijïr dijiri complex(certain,outward)
Imperative negative Time Marker dijio dijijo complex(certain,impossible)
Imperative past Time Marker dijiro complex(certain,inward)
Imperative present Time Marker dijira complex(certain,position)
In Preposition ok ko children()
Inside Preposition ok ko children()
Inside out Direction roi rori inward(outward)
Kiss Structure davita organic(positive,phisionomic)
Large State tari phisionomic(outward)
Last Counter lydu counter(chaos)
Less Counter ol lo none()
Lesson Structure doeti dodeti synthetic(order,psychologic)
Library Hierarchy kadoti location(synthetic,psychologic)
Lietal Foreign lietäl liletala multiple(push,phisionomic,single)
Life Direction rida outward(organic)
Little State taro phisionomic(inward)
Man Structure dari organic(outward)
Many Preposition il li multiple()
Message Structure doety dodety synthetic(order,state)
Moment Structure doi dodi synthetic(complex)
More Counter il li multiple()
Morning Direction rïd ridi outward(complex)
Mother Structure daroki organic(inward,parent)
Multiple Preposition il li multiple()
My Pronoun kolaro children(single,inward)
Name State tady phisionomic(structure)
Near Preposition sika with(location)
Negative Time Marker dijo complex(impossible)
Negative future Time Marker dijori complex(impossible,outward)
Negative past Time Marker dijör dijoro complex(impossible,inward)
Negative present Time Marker dijora complex(impossible,position)
Night Direction rodi inward(complex)
No Expression ov vo negative()
None Preposition ol lo none()
Normal State tär tara phisionomic(position)
Nth Relation es se related()
On Preposition ik ki parent()
Onto Preposition ik ki parent()
Organ Hierarchy koda children(organic)
Our Pronoun koliro children(multiple,inward)
Outside Preposition kia kika parent(location)
Owl Foreign jöl jolo impossible(none)
Paper State tofatay tofataty physic(to_see,phisionomic,state)
Parent Structure daki organic(parent)
Part Hierarchy köd kodo children(synthetic)
Past Time Marker diro complex(inward)
Path Relation säk saka united(location)
Pencil State tofitay tofitaty physic(to_make,phisionomic,state)
Person Structure däl dala organic(single)
Place Structure doka synthetic(location)
Please Expression javi possible(positive)
Potential Time Marker dija complex(possible)
Potential future Time Marker dijari complex(possible,outward)
Potential past Time Marker dijaro complex(possible,inward)
Potential present Time Marker dijär dijara complex(possible,position)
Present Time Marker dira complex(position)
Pretty Alignment vita positive(phisionomic)
Red Color lyfalo counter(to_see,none)
Related Relation es se related()
Relation Relation ys sy relation()
Room Structure doki synthetic(parent)
School Direction radoti position(synthetic,psychologic)
Scribble Structure douty doduty synthetic(chaos,state)
Slow Counter lora none(position)
Small State taro phisionomic(inward)
Speed Counter lyra counter(position)
Stranger Structure dasu organic(unrelated)
Style State tado phisionomic(synthetic)
Telephone Foreign tëlfö telefofo real(push,to_be,to_be)
Their Pronoun kolira children(multiple,position)
They Pronoun lira multiple(position)
Time Direction rïd ridi outward(complex)
To Preposition ar ra position()
Today Structure dila complex(single)
Tomorrow Structure dilai dilali complex(single,multiple)
Toward Preposition ir ri outward()
To add Interaction fïs fisi to_make(with)
To ask Interaction faroja to_see(inward,possible)
To assemble Interaction fïs fisi to_make(with)
To attack Interaction fivota to_make(negative,phisionomic)
To be Interaction of fo to_be()
To become Interaction fori to_be(outward)
To build Interaction fito to_make(physic)
To combine Interaction fïs fisi to_make(with)
To come Interaction för foro to_be(inward)
To contain Interaction foki to_be(parent)
To destroy Interaction filo to_make(none)
To divide Interaction fïl fili to_make(multiple)
To do Interaction if fi to_make()
To draw Interaction fita to_make(phisionomic)
To edit Interaction fide to_make(order)
To enter Interaction foroka to_be(inward,location)
To find Interaction faji to_see(certain)
To give Interaction fïr firi to_make(outward)
To go Interaction fori to_be(outward)
To have Interaction foki to_be(parent)
To hold Interaction fira to_make(position)
To insert Interaction fiko to_make(children)
To leave Interaction forika to_be(outward,location)
To listen Interaction faro to_see(inward)
To name Interaction fatady to_see(phisionomic,structure)
To open Interaction firo to_make(inward)
To read Interaction fatai fatati to_see(phisionomic,psychologic)
To remember Interaction fadiro to_see(complex,inward)
To remove Interaction filo to_make(none)
To say Interaction fari to_see(outward)
To search Interaction fäj faja to_see(possible)
To see Interaction af fa to_see()
To show Interaction fari to_see(outward)
To speak Interaction fari to_see(outward)
To stay Interaction fora to_be(position)
To substract Interaction fiso to_make(without)
To take Interaction firo to_make(inward)
To talk Interaction fareti to_see(mobile,psychologic)
To thank Interaction favify to_see(positive,interaction)
To understand Interaction fati to_see(psychologic)
To walk Interaction forilora to_be(outward,none,position)
To warn Interaction farijavo to_see(outward,possible,negative)
To wear Interaction fotako to_be(phisionomic,children)
To write Interaction fït fiti to_make(psychologic)
True Alignment ev ve true()
Unbreakable Modality jofïl jofili impossible(to_make,multiple)
Under Preposition köt koto children(physic)
Unrelated Relation us su unrelated()
Version Counter lady single(structure)
Violet Color lyfali counter(to_see,multiple)
Visitor Structure daku organic(disconnect)
Wall Modality jofy impossible(interaction)
We Pronoun liro multiple(inward)
Welcome Expression viro positive(inward)
What Question Word jado possible(synthetic)
When Question Word jadi possible(complex)
Whenever Preposition salïd salidi united(multiple,complex)
Where Question Word jaky possible(hierarchy)
Wherever Preposition salira united(multiple,position)
Which Question Word jaly possible(counter)
White Color lyfasi counter(to_see,with)
Who Question Word jäd jada possible(organic)
Whoever Preposition salida united(multiple,organic)
Will Preposition ij ji certain()
With Preposition is si with()
Woman Structure daro organic(inward)
Woods Hierarchy kadao kadado location(organic,synthetic)
Yellow Color lyfalök lyfaloko counter(to_see,none,children)
Yes Expression iv vi positive()
Yesterday Structure dilao dilalo complex(single,none)
You Pronoun lari single(outward)
Your Pronoun kolari children(single,outward)
Yous Pronoun lïr liri multiple(outward)
Yousr Pronoun kolïr koliri children(multiple,outward)


The Obliques are longform answers to questions regarding travel, lifestyle and optimisation.


The Method notes are meant to answers to recurring questions on productivity, advised from daily logs recorded over many years.


The Mirrors are a collection of notes and articles mirrored on here for safekeeping and offline access.


The Glossary is a collection of keywords related to epistemology.


The Biases cheatsheet is a list of compiled fallacies, effects, and biases.

The list was compiled from LessWrong as well as personal notes, collected from the Philosopher's Toolkit and other sources. Rationality is characteristic of thinking and acting optimally.


The Tiers cheatsheet displays a spectrum of decision-making and mindsets.

Below is an abbreviated and edited list from PTFQ's original essay Three Tiers Of Mind.


The Lifestyle notes are explanations for some of my lifestyle choices.


The Directory is a list of timeless art that I often refer to.

This collection is updated once in a while.


The Inventory is a detailed collection of various pieces of equipment used in the creation of XXIIVV.


This mechanical keyboard is the Vortex Poker II PBT Mechanical Keyboard with Blank Mint PBT caps.

The color choice is inspired from the Verreciel interface colors. I have red Cherry MX switches installed, with sound dampening o-rings. It's also connected, with a braided 90 degrees angle USB wire.


The Nomad notes are reflexions on travel, and on my dreams of a nomadic life.


Inspired from Chris Crawford's Jars, in this Death counter, every week a cell goes dark.





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