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Welcome to the documentation and playground of the Nataniev ecosystem.

This wiki provides documentation and narrative context for the various Audio, Visual and Research projects of multmedia developer Devine Lu Linvega. If this is your first time around, a good place to begin your exploration is the Diary.


The Audio sector hosts all projects focusing on sound and live shows.


The Visual sector hosts all projects focusing on to design and interaction.


The Research sector hosts all projects focusing on philosophy and linguistics.

Hundred rabbits

Hundred Rabbits, is a nomad design studio founded by Rekka aboard a sailboat.

This partnership is host to interactive projects like Oquonie, Grimgrains and travel diaries. A Patreon page is available to help fund the production of monthly videos and liveaboard documentation.

Devine lu linvega

Devine lu linvega is a nomad developer and designer, living on a sailboat in the South Pacific.

Operating under the Neauoire moniker, Devine is a polymath working on a series of experimental tools and applications involving language.

# Satellite PhoneCurrently located in Huahine(-16.812254, -150.989524).

Populating Nataniev with notes on Language, Illustrations and Sounds, Devine hopes to inspire visitors to learn and to travel.

To flee is life,
To linger is Death.
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