Rlionn, Ehrleeon, is an important and recurring Immortal intelligence from the Neauismetica for she is the mother of Neonev and regent of Laeisth.

Not many have successfully crossed the Rlionn Oasis, for it is swarming with a lifeform called her "Children". Rlionn is not a single individual but an intelligent trait that manifests itself as a collective state of mind for the inhabitant of the Oasis.

Rlionn's Children

With fingers sharp as needles, her children feast on stray travelers and onto eachother - undyingly. Travelers who sent out letters from the oasis, will often speak of the dark plagued-like sands, tarnished with dried rotten blood surrounding the oasis of Rlionn. The letters will speak of a glare, seen in the dilated eyes of the Children, and a unique pitch audible in moments of lucidity.

Spoken-of in tales and songs, the story of her children are sung in the album Children of bramble and illustrated in the The Rlionn Oasis short.

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