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Beldam records

Created in collaboration with Elodie Lareine, Beldam Records is a label focusing on pop idm and experimental dance music.

Hundred rabbits

Hundred Rabbits, is a nomad design studio founded by Rekka aboard a sailboat.


Nereid is one of Neptune's moon. It has but one weather "cold", terribly slow internet reception and idyllic valleys.


Polygonoscopy is a series of abstract videographies, recorded with the Kaleidoscope.


The Neauismetica is a collection of notes on the fictional world of Dinaisth.


Lietal is a synthetic language created to experiment with linguistics and translation.


La Gamme, is a series of concepts and tools created toward the acceleration of the Grand Oeuvre.


Nataniev is an ecosystem of, open-source and web-based, creation tools.


Horaire is a time tracking tool that graphs and compiles daily logs into creativity forecasts.


The Obliques are longform answers to questions regarding travel, lifestyle and optimisation.

Devine lu linvega

Devine lu linvega is a nomad developer and designer, living on a sailboat in the South Pacific.

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