The sartre mechanism

It was just three days before Christmas when my friend invited me to his workshop to witness the completion of his latest project.

Language of the birds

Immortals speak not with words but wait for things to happen, and merely points at them.

The books of babel

After ages of searching the endless isles of the Library Of Babel, here are a few interesting books that I have collected over the years.

Philipp traum

The Philipp Traum notes are a collection of quotes on objectivity and realism.


Needles are glyphs of which the intersection count is equal to the value of the character.


Numbers, is a script that generates the name of numbers with 50'000 characters and beyond.


Shorthand is a calligraphy style developed to take faster notes.


These talks were created as periodical research dumps, often gravitating around the topics of the hexagrammaton and Horaire.

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