Installation guide for Nataniev is currently being drafted out.

Nataniev is first of all a piece of software, handling various types of applications. This quick guide should explain what the different tools do.


You will need to have Ruby and Sinatra installed, and pull the Nataniev Repo. By default, Nataniev comes with no vessel installed.

There are 3 types of repositories: vessels, publics and apps. Websites such as Oscean have both a vessel repo and a public repo. Therefore, two repos need to be pulled, some apps only have CLI tools, some others are only frontend.


The Operator.rb

The operator.rb file is meant to run simple actions onto a vessel. A lot of the maintenance tasks are used through the operator, for example, finding a list of broken links from the Lexicon.

ruby nataniev.operator.rb vessel action params

The Server.rb

The server.rb serves websites using Sinatra. When attempting to serve, Nataniev will look for the target vessel's serve action return.

ruby nataniev.server.rb vessel> http://localhost:8888

The Lobby.js

A lot of vessels have API-like actions that repond to the front-end interface Lobby. To launch the Lobby interface:

ruby nataniev.server.rb lobby


Desamber is the calendar format of the Nataniev ecosystem.


Clock is the time format of the Nataniev ecosystem.

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