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Nataniev is a platform for tools such as Horaire, Paradise and Ronin — mapping over the Trisight.

  • 1 Suite
  • 1.2 Marabu
  • 1.3 Ronin
  • 2 Horaire
  • 2.2 Forum
  • 2.3 Diary
  • 2.4 Portal
  • 3 Lietal
  • 3.2 Dictionaery
  • 3.3 Lae doi
  • 4 Paradise
  • 4.2 Inner haven
  • 4.3 Maeve
  • The purpose of Nataniev is to be a platform capable of hosting a series of tools, mapping over the Trisight, helping in the acceleration of Grand Oeuvre, see Gamme.

    Initiated in 2011, this custom engine includes a CLI, formerly known as Paradise, two different flat-files database parsers and its own unique APIs syntax. It serves this website, Hundred Rabbits, Grimgrains, as well as Twitter Bots.

    Single scripts and repositories, known as vessels and instances, exist as locations in this Ecosystem and can be visited through the CLI. For example, each Automaton exist as a character that can be found within Paradise; this page exist as a page in a book, in a library that can also be entered and explored.


    The Suite is a series of open-source and web-based tools designed as offerings to Nataniev.

    Marabu is a web-based music tracker designed to be portable and platform agnostic.
    Ronin is a text-based visual editor designed to draw and automate graphical tasks.


    Horaire is a time tracking tool that graphs and compiles daily logs into creativity forecasts.

    The Forum is a place within each topic, to ask questions.
    The Diary contains photographic logs within Horaire.
    The Portal lists Nataniev's major categories of topics.


    Lietal is a synthetic language created to experiment with linguistics and translation.

    The Dictionaery is a list of all the known Lietal words.
    Lae Doi is the Lietal translation of Thousand Rooms.


    Paradise is a multiplayer playground that lives within the Nataniev toolchain.

    The Inner Haven is a safe location within Paradise that includes tutorials and documentation.
    Maeve is an automated vessel, traveling around the virtual scapes of Paradise looking for incomplete vessels and errors.

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