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Nataniev simply requires Ruby, the Sinatra Gem and a copy of the Nataniev Repository.

Through Terminal, navigate inside the repository and type:

ruby nataniev.server.rb lobby

It should, in theory, start localhost, and make the following URL accessible through your browser.


If everything is in order, you should see a mostly empty screen and a prompt at the bottom.


Every action is done through the commander, or input bar, at the bottom of the screen. To launch an application, type its name into the Commander.


Once the application is active, a series of methods become available. To load a Marabu project file, type the application name, followed by a period and the method name. This process can be accelerated by pressing tab to auto-complete, or ctrl+l.


Multiple candidates should be now displayed, to navigate the candidates simply input additional characters into your query.

marabu.load tr 1

A single candidate should display, pressing enter should load the track1.mar file. This process is identical to loading a ronin, or ide file.

ronin.load wallpaper1.jpgide.load marabu main.js


Windows can be dragged around with the cursor, but can also be controlled entirely with keyboard shortcuts.

Each window management shortcut is a combination of the alt/option key and something else.

Arrows Move the window.
a Make window thinner.
d Make window wider.
w Make window shorter.
s Make window taller.
Escape Fill screen.
` Fullscreen.
] Stick right.
[ Stick left.
Tab Focus on Commander.
1 Set theme to Blanc.
2 Set theme to Noir.
3 Set theme to Ghost.
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