Welcome to the Language Portal.

The goal of these pages is to host a few resources, summaries and notes from my own language studies.

Some of the future projects might have to do with English Prime(E′) or the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, maybe even an analysis of the Logopandecteision or the Neaudethaumata. To give you a sense of my interest in linguistics, here are some of my favourite words:

Февраль, February in RussianRoÿnes, queen in Middle FrenchPleurir, crying-laugh in FrenchDodecahedron, in EnglishOyasumi, in JapaneseBetwixt, in EnglishThe header is a word from the Voynich.


The Japanese page is an edited version of Tad Perry's 1992 Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese.


The Russian page is a series of notes on the language inspired from Tad Perry's 1992 Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese.


Lietal is a synthetic language.

The Dictionaery is a list of all the known Lietal words. Lae Doi is the Lietal translation of Thousand Rooms.
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