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Thousand Rooms Lae'doi.
Cat, Owl, Bat & Fox Es el kät jöl vät föj ul.
Illustrated by R. Bellum rekka bellum'fita.
Edited by D. Lu Linvega dekka lu linvega'fide.
First Edition Lady'al.
You wake up in a room, surrounded by unbreakable walls.Doki el lyfasi es jofïl ul'ok ev lari'fori jäf.
On a desk, lies a pencil and a sheet of blank paper.Todeo'ik ev el tofitay es tofatay ul.
Inside the desk, notes bearing your handwritingTodeo'ok ev doety'tado el lari'tado ul.
You have no recollection. Lari'fadiro'dijo.
Lesson 1 Doeti'lyde.
Cat awakens. Kät'fori jäf.
Owl finds a piece of paper. Jöl'faji tofatay.
Bat finds a pencil. Vät'faji tofitay.
Fox opens the desk. Föj'firo todeo.
Lesson 2 Doeti'il.
Cat claws at the walls. Kät'fivota jofy.
Owl leaves a message in the desk. Jöl'fiko el todeo'ok ev doety ul.
Bat finds a second pencil. Vät'faji tofitay'il'es.
Fox dismantles the desk. Föj'fïl todeo.
Lesson 3 Doeti'lio.
Cat destroys the pencil and the paper. Kät'filo el tofitay es tofatay ul.
Owl finds notes in the desk. Jöl'faji el todeo'ok ev doety ul.
Bat finds the desk full with pencils. Vät'faji el todeo'ok ev tofitay'il ul.
Fox builds the desk inside-out. Föj'fito todeo'roi.
Lesson 4 Doeti'lia.
Cat enters the desk. Kät'foroka todeo.
Owl tries to understand. Jöl'fati'dijär.
Bat sees no escape. Vät'forika'dijo.
Fox has a visitor. Föj'af daku'al'es.
Lesson 5 Doeti'lï.
Cat comes out of the desk. Kät'forika todeo.
Owl understands the room. Jöl'fati doki.
Bat awakens. Vät'fori jäf.
Fox has a second visitor. Föj'af daku'il'es.
Lesson 6 Doeti'liso.
Cat destroys the desk. Kät'filo todeo.
Owl finds a scribble. Jöl'faji douty.
Bat finds a pencil.. Vät'faji tofitay.
Fox has too many visitors. Föj'of dulida.
Last Lesson Doeti'lydu.
What would you do? Lari'if jado.
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