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The interactive project list contains various completed and unreleased experiments and games for iOS, desktop and browser.


This list shows all of the desktop projects built of the last few years.

Purgateus is a video game remix of Proteus. Donsol is a dongeon crawler card game. Verreciel is an abstract space exploration game. Markl is an upcoming Tactical AI Battle Arena(TAIBA). Oquonie is a textless isometric puzzle game. Babelium is a roguelike set in the Borges' Library of Babel and played within the limitation of its books.


A list of Unreleased projects, or abandoned projects, indefinite put on hold and unsupported.

Blindfolk was a cryptic multiplayer combat game where players must program their character's fighting style. Trimetrique is a light-painting mobile application. Eakout is a two player breakout game for mobile. Merveilles Portable was a small MMORPG builts in JS and PHP. Milavrega was a mobile game happening in someone's lost phone. Waiting for Horus was a fast paced multiplayer arena type 3rd person shooter.


This collection of mobile apps constitutes a series of games, tools and experiments on UX and linguistics.

Bifurcan is a cryptic watchface using moire patterns. Ledoliel is a strange dating-sim game for iOS. Keyboard 468 is a 18 keys keyboard for mobile. Hiversaires is a textless point-n-click puzzle game. Entaloneralie is another experimental watchface. Dew is a minimalist alarm application that uses a single touch. Alphavetist is a minimalist alphabet learning application. Vocavularist, is a vocabulary review application. Noirca is a minimalist monochromatic camera application for iOS. Rafinograde is a minimalist sketching application, a distraction.


A collection of open-source and free software.

Marabu is a programmable music tracker. Ronin is a graphic design terminal. Left is a distractionless writing application. Dotgrid is a minimalist vector drawing tool.


The Unity Portal contains various unity-built desktop games.

Siseon is an exploration game set within a life-infested megastructure. Zjeveni is a third person exploration game about climbing to the high points of the structure. Drypoint is a very hard platformer game for keyboard cowboys. Valentinel Hopes is a platformer inspired from parkour and trance music. Cenote is an experimental platformer inspired by Underwater Base Jumping. Cyanosis Fever is an 3d abstract world of static to explore and to get lost into.


The Table Portal contains various board game guides.

Donsol, created in collaboration with John Eternal, is a card game about exploring a dungeon made of a standard 54 poker card set. This Domine Guide will show you how to play a simple game two player game, with dominoes.


Collegiennes is a game jam collective initiated with Renaud Bedard.

Diluvium is a jam game made by Henk Boom(FRACT), Dominique Ferland(Playpeep), Renaud Bedard(FEZ) and Devine Lu Linvega, made in 3 days at the Toronto Game Jam of 2012 Volkenessen is a two-player physics-based 2D fighting game. Pico is an experimental color based puzzle game where the player needs to combine primary colours to create the pattern wanted by each level. Pico Battle is a colour-based multiplayer battle puzzler, in the style of Pico.


Paradise is a multiplayer interactive-fiction.

Maeve is an automated vessel, traveling around the virtual scapes of Paradise looking for incomplete vessels and errors.
Oscean In DevelopmentDotgrid 2016—2017Rotonde In DevelopmentRonin 2016—2017Markl In DevelopmentMarabu 2017Left 2017Nataniev In DevelopmentLietal 2007—2017Horaire In DevelopmentVerreciel 2013—2017Getapan 728k 2017Paradise 2011—2017Oquonie 2013—2017Known magye 2013—2017Collected works 2008—2017Children of bramble 2012—2017Dei dain 2013—2017Thousand rooms 2017Supervisitor 2014—2017Superworker 2017Extended sleep 2015—2017Donsol 2015—2017Portalion 2016Vocavularist 2013—2016Verreciel soundtrack 2016Domestic Moire 2016Bifurcan 2013—2016Mute In DevelopmentNoirca 2014—2015Keyboard 468 2014—2015Alphavetist 2013—2015The opal inquisitors 2015Looking glace 2015Dew 2014—2015Hiversaires 2013—2015Rafinograde 2014—2015Entaloneralie 2013—2015Eschatolor 2015Ledoliel 2014—2015Malice 2008—2015Ramiel 2015Miniscopie 2015Damoiseau canalx 2014Purgateus 2014Vast 2014Telekinetic 2013Milavrega In DevelopmentEhrivevnv Studies 2012—2013Nor let the fools 2013To The Aeons Hell 2010—2012Vetetrandes lettres 2012Pico battle 2012Es gulf sunflowers 2011—2012Volkenessen 2012From Saharaphorest 2011The Sixth Season 2011Blam 2011Vermillionth 2011Pico 2010Merure 2009—2010Idyllic miners 2010Ann yozora saint 2009—2010Shikanokoa vs 1h1d 2010Pedestrian paradise 2009Nether esper inserts 2008—2009Otoroutes Miniatures 2009Downtemperature 2007—2008Vert kirlian theatre 2008Regionsteam snowdays 2006
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