A collection of illustrated projects.


The Artwork collection is various illustrations drawn over the years, unrelated to other XXIIVV projects.

The Colour collection are a series of experiments involving colours.This is a 3d vertex shader applied on a 2d image, transforming neoclassical painted figures into plump versions of themselves.


Various rough illustration from the sketchbook.

Flactals is a series of abstract six-sided flowers drawn using an early version of Ronin.


Nereid is one of Neptune's moon. It has but one weather "cold", terribly slow internet reception and idyllic valleys.

Looking into the infinitely veiled.Beauty is a series of portraits of Nereid beauties.A study of the base elements of this world.Serventines is a travel diary documenting travels across Nereid's various regions, the small planet's skies and gravitating objects.


Polygonoscopy is a series of abstract videographies, recorded with the Kaleidoscope.

Frozen Polygonoscopic drops, similar to snowflakes.The Polygonoscopic Kaleidoscope records the intersection of overlapping structures, our reality's z-fighting.Navigating the nullplane of Dischromatic Nullcolour Anti-pigments.Branes are digital fabrics.The Astratas topologic maps oscillate to Serventines's Polygonoscopic frequencies.The Ar Moire diagrams are Polygonoscopic sounds.Nervous is a eries of Vertexbrates.Tarpophobia is the fear of seeing yourself fractalized onto reflective surfaces, especially onto eyes.The Time Alloy is a series of Polygonoscopic samples, taken from The sartre mechanism.


Some of the typographies I have created over time, feel free to use them as you wish.

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