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Horaire is a time tracking tool.

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12 months ago 10.4% Audio 43.5% Visual 46.0% Research 54.2% Sb 2284 Fh 6.2 Hdf 75.85 Focus


For the past 4193 days, I have rated my dedication, or enthousiasm, in the proeminent task of that day. A Focus Hour(Fh), is an index of focus in a single task over the total available daily work hours. The Hour Day Focus(Hdf) is the average Fh of a project or task, over a number of days; for instance, 2268Fh over 365 days, is 6.2Hdf.

Spray3.112.382.982.001.301.781.99Sector balance0.830.810.630.700.690.650.572009Hour day focus201020114.3020124.4020135.8020146.1020155.8020165.6020176.30Focus71.6065.4583.5076.1058.6565.8565.70

HTo, HTa & Focus

The Fh sums over the number of different topics, or different tasks, are the Hour Topic(HTo) and Hour Task(HTa); for instance 2268Fh over 52 topics, and 20 tasks, is 43.6HTo and 113.4HTa, and their average 78.50Focus.


TodayIn 21 DaysAudioVisualResearch

Based on previous Fh trends, predictions on upcoming optimal creative sectors and time investments can be forcasted and used to make better decisions during week-planning.

Effectiveness, is doing the right thing.
Efficiency, is doing it the right way.
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