Horaire is a time tracking tool that graphs and compiles daily logs into creativity forecasts.
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365 Days 9.6% Audio 41.4% Visual 48.8% Research 52.5% Sb +152.0 2203 Fh +0.4 6.0 Hdf 100.1 HTa 34.9 HTo

Horaire data is logged in Focus Hours Fh, a ratio of the total available daily work hours. Logs of 60% and 40% Fh, over an 8 hours work day, are equal to 4.8h and 3.2h.


Daily log sectors for the past 365 days.

The average daily Fh, or the Hour Day Focus Hdf, is an index of average focus on a specific project or task. The average Fh, of 2203Fh over 365days, is equal to 6.0Hdf. Its maximal value is 9, so the Hdf ratio is currently of 67.0%.


DesaUndeDodeTridUnesDuteTrisTetrPentHexeSeveOcteNove Sector balance for the previous 13 months.

The Hour Topic HTo & the Hour Task HTa - where HTo is the sum of Fh over the number of different topics, or 2203Fh over 63 topics, and HTa the sum of logged Fh over the number of different tasks, or 2203Fh over 22 tasks.


111213141516 Fh & Sector forecast for the next 7 days.

And finally, based on previous Fh trends and ratios, predictions on upcoming optimal creative sectors and time investments can be forcasted and used to make better decisions during week-planning.

Effectiveness, is doing the right thing.
Efficiency, is doing it the right way.
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