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A recurring topic throughout the Nataniev ecosystems is the trinity of Audio, visual and research. Of which the truer names, as per Lietal, should be physicality, Phisiognomy, and Psychology - Or even the subject itself, its shape & its concept.

Trisight is a name given to the pursuit of the Grand Oeuvre, the trinity of its members. The Grand Oeuvre, as per Trisight vocabulary, is meant to equal the sum of one's output goals.


Nataniev is an experimental operating system.

Oscean is a wiki engine. Horaire is a time tracking tool. Desamber is the time-format of the Nataniev ecosystems. Rotonde is a social feed protocol.


The Obliques are longform answers to questions regarding travel, lifestyle and optimisation.

The Lifestyle notes are explanations for some of my lifestyle choices. The Inventory is a detailed collection of various pieces of equipment used in the creation of XXIIVV. The Mirrors are a collection of notes and articles mirrored on here for safekeeping and offline access. The Directory is a curated list of timeless art that I often refer to.
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