A standard deck, jokers included, is a dungeon. Shuffle the deck and draw 4 cards, display them before you, this is a room. A room ends when all the cards are folded.

♦ Diamonds are shields♥ ︎Hearts are potions♠ Spades are monsters♣ ︎Clubs and Jokers are also monsters

Potion cards

Potion give you health points equal to their value, up to a maximum of 21 health points. Drinking multiple potions in a row will make you sick and result in no extra healing, only the first potion's value will be gained in HP.

Potions are equal to their value and face cards (J,Q,K,A) each are equal to 11.

Shield cards

Shields absorb the damage difference from a monster's value. Shields can only defend against monsters in descending value and if you use a shield on a monster with higher or equal value to the previous, it will break.

If you have an 8 shield equipped, by attacking a 9 monster you suffer 1 damage.

Broken shields leave you unarmored, and taking full damage. A shield card will replace a previously folded shield card.

Shields are equal to their value and face cards (J,Q,K,A) each are equal to 11.

Monster cards

Monster cards are equal to their value, and face cards are as follows J is 11, Q is 13, K is 15, A is 17; Jokers are both equal to 21.


You may escape a room, if you have not escaped the previous one or have handled all the monsters in the current room. When escaping, the remaining cards are shuffled back into the deck.


Room 7♦ Q♥︎ 10♠ J♣︎

Equip the 7♦ shield.Battle the J♣ ; 11-7 = 4 lost HPBattle the 10♠ ; 10-7 = 3 lost HPDrink the Q♥︎ ; 14+11 = 21 max HP

Room A♦ K♦ K♣︎ 9♥︎

Equip the K♦, replacing 7♦Battle the K♣︎ ; 15-11 = 4 lost HPDrink the 9♥︎ ; 17+9 = 21 max HPRun away, return A♦
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