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0 Number ol lo none()
1 Number al la single()
1'000'000 Number liela lilela multiple(push,single)
1'000'000'000 Number liesa lilesa multiple(push,united)
10 Number lira multiple(position)
10'000 Number lie lile multiple(push)
10'000'000 Number lieli lileli multiple(push,multiple)
100 Number loe lole none(push)
100'000 Number lielo lilelo multiple(push,none)
100'000'000 Number lieso lileso multiple(push,without)
1000 Number lae lale single(push)
10^10 Number lieri lileri multiple(push,outward)
10^7 Number liesi lilesi multiple(push,with)
10^8 Number liero lilero multiple(push,inward)
10^9 Number liera lilera multiple(push,position)
11 Number lïr liri multiple(outward)
2 Number il li multiple()
3 Number lio lilo multiple(none)
4 Number lia lila multiple(single)
5 Number lili multiple(multiple)
6 Number liso multiple(without)
7 Number lisa multiple(united)
8 Number lïs lisi multiple(with)
9 Number liro multiple(inward)
Again Preposition lia lila multiple(single)
And Preposition is si with()
Assembled Relation sako united(children)
At Preposition ak ka location()
Automation Direction rido outward(synthetic)
Aware Modality jäf jafa possible(to_see)
Basket Structure dosako synthetic(united,children)
Bat Foreign vät vata neutral(phisionomic)
Beings Structure dali organic(multiple)
Between Preposition käs kasa location(united)
Black Color lyfaso counter(to_see,without)
Blue Color lyfaloki counter(to_see,none,parent)
Book State todoti physic(synthetic,psychologic)
Bye Expression vïr viri positive(outward)
Can Preposition aj ja possible()
Cannot Preposition oj jo impossible()
Cat Foreign kät kata location(phisionomic)
Children Hierarchy ok ko children()
City Structure doradali synthetic(position,organic,multiple)
Cloak Structure dokita synthetic(parent,phisionomic)
Collection pop Counter ul lu pop()
Collection push Counter el le push()
Color Counter lyfa counter(to_see)
Connect Hierarchy ek ke connect()
Counter Counter yl ly counter()
Crowded Structure dulida chaos(multiple,organic)
Dangerous Alignment vofita negative(to_make,phisionomic)
Desk State todeo todedo physic(order,synthetic)
Directly Modality jïr jiri certain(outward)
Disconnect Hierarchy uk ku disconnect()
Documentation State takït takiti phisionomic(parent,psychologic)
Event Hierarchy kodi children(complex)
Everyone Preposition salida united(multiple,organic)
Everything Preposition sadola united(synthetic,single)
Eye Structure däf dafa organic(to_see)
False Alignment uv vu false()
Fast Counter lira multiple(position)
Father Structure darïk dariki organic(outward,parent)
Few State talo phisionomic(none)
First Counter lyde counter(order)
Fox Foreign föj fojo to_be(impossible)
From Preposition or ro inward()
Future Time Marker dïr diri complex(outward)
Good Alignment iv vi positive()
Grandfather Structure darikï darikiki organic(outward,parent,parent)
Grandmother Structure darokï darokiki organic(inward,parent,parent)
Grandparent Structure dakï dakiki organic(parent,parent)
Green Color lyfäl lyfala counter(to_see,single)
Grey Color lyfäs lyfasa counter(to_see,united)
Hand Structure dafi organic(to_make)
Handwritting State tado phisionomic(synthetic)
Heart Structure dafo organic(to_be)
Hello Expression viro positive(inward)
Here Preposition kär kara location(position)
He she Pronoun lär lara single(position)
His her Pronoun kolär kolara children(single,position)
House State tokafo physic(location,to_be)
How Question Word jafy possible(interaction)
I Pronoun laro single(inward)
Idea Hierarchy koti children(psychologic)
Imperative Time Marker dïj diji complex(certain)
Imperative future Time Marker dijïr dijiri complex(certain,outward)
Imperative negative Time Marker dijio dijijo complex(certain,impossible)
Imperative past Time Marker dijiro complex(certain,inward)
Imperative present Time Marker dijira complex(certain,position)
In Preposition ok ko children()
Inside Preposition ok ko children()
Inside out Direction roi rori inward(outward)
Kiss Structure davita organic(positive,phisionomic)
Large State tari phisionomic(outward)
Last Counter lydu counter(chaos)
Less Counter ol lo none()
Lesson Structure doeti dodeti synthetic(order,psychologic)
Library Hierarchy kadoti location(synthetic,psychologic)
Lietal Foreign lietäl liletala multiple(push,phisionomic,single)
Life Direction rida outward(organic)
Little State taro phisionomic(inward)
Man Structure dari organic(outward)
Many Preposition il li multiple()
Message Structure doety dodety synthetic(order,state)
Moment Structure doi dodi synthetic(complex)
More Counter il li multiple()
Morning Direction rïd ridi outward(complex)
Mother Structure daroki organic(inward,parent)
Multiple Preposition il li multiple()
My Pronoun kolaro children(single,inward)
Name State tady phisionomic(structure)
Near Preposition sika with(location)
Negative Time Marker dijo complex(impossible)
Negative future Time Marker dijori complex(impossible,outward)
Negative past Time Marker dijör dijoro complex(impossible,inward)
Negative present Time Marker dijora complex(impossible,position)
Night Direction rodi inward(complex)
No Expression ov vo negative()
None Preposition ol lo none()
Normal State tär tara phisionomic(position)
Nth Relation es se related()
On Preposition ik ki parent()
Onto Preposition ik ki parent()
Organ Hierarchy koda children(organic)
Our Pronoun koliro children(multiple,inward)
Outside Preposition kia kika parent(location)
Owl Foreign jöl jolo impossible(none)
Paper State tofatay tofataty physic(to_see,phisionomic,state)
Parent Structure daki organic(parent)
Part Hierarchy köd kodo children(synthetic)
Past Time Marker diro complex(inward)
Path Relation säk saka united(location)
Pencil State tofitay tofitaty physic(to_make,phisionomic,state)
Person Structure däl dala organic(single)
Place Structure doka synthetic(location)
Please Expression javi possible(positive)
Potential Time Marker dija complex(possible)
Potential future Time Marker dijari complex(possible,outward)
Potential past Time Marker dijaro complex(possible,inward)
Potential present Time Marker dijär dijara complex(possible,position)
Present Time Marker dira complex(position)
Pretty Alignment vita positive(phisionomic)
Red Color lyfalo counter(to_see,none)
Related Relation es se related()
Relation Relation ys sy relation()
Room Structure doki synthetic(parent)
School Direction radoti position(synthetic,psychologic)
Scribble Structure douty doduty synthetic(chaos,state)
Slow Counter lora none(position)
Small State taro phisionomic(inward)
Speed Counter lyra counter(position)
Stranger Structure dasu organic(unrelated)
Style State tado phisionomic(synthetic)
Telephone Foreign tëlfö telefofo real(push,to_be,to_be)
Their Pronoun kolira children(multiple,position)
They Pronoun lira multiple(position)
Time Direction rïd ridi outward(complex)
To Preposition ar ra position()
Today Structure dila complex(single)
Tomorrow Structure dilai dilali complex(single,multiple)
Toward Preposition ir ri outward()
To add Interaction fïs fisi to_make(with)
To ask Interaction faroja to_see(inward,possible)
To assemble Interaction fïs fisi to_make(with)
To attack Interaction fivota to_make(negative,phisionomic)
To be Interaction of fo to_be()
To become Interaction fori to_be(outward)
To build Interaction fito to_make(physic)
To combine Interaction fïs fisi to_make(with)
To come Interaction för foro to_be(inward)
To contain Interaction foki to_be(parent)
To destroy Interaction filo to_make(none)
To divide Interaction fïl fili to_make(multiple)
To do Interaction if fi to_make()
To draw Interaction fita to_make(phisionomic)
To edit Interaction fide to_make(order)
To enter Interaction foroka to_be(inward,location)
To find Interaction faji to_see(certain)
To give Interaction fïr firi to_make(outward)
To go Interaction fori to_be(outward)
To have Interaction foki to_be(parent)
To hold Interaction fira to_make(position)
To insert Interaction fiko to_make(children)
To leave Interaction forika to_be(outward,location)
To listen Interaction faro to_see(inward)
To name Interaction fatady to_see(phisionomic,structure)
To open Interaction firo to_make(inward)
To read Interaction fatai fatati to_see(phisionomic,psychologic)
To remember Interaction fadiro to_see(complex,inward)
To remove Interaction filo to_make(none)
To say Interaction fari to_see(outward)
To search Interaction fäj faja to_see(possible)
To see Interaction af fa to_see()
To show Interaction fari to_see(outward)
To speak Interaction fari to_see(outward)
To stay Interaction fora to_be(position)
To substract Interaction fiso to_make(without)
To take Interaction firo to_make(inward)
To talk Interaction fareti to_see(mobile,psychologic)
To thank Interaction favify to_see(positive,interaction)
To understand Interaction fati to_see(psychologic)
To walk Interaction forilora to_be(outward,none,position)
To warn Interaction farijavo to_see(outward,possible,negative)
To wear Interaction fotako to_be(phisionomic,children)
To write Interaction fït fiti to_make(psychologic)
True Alignment ev ve true()
Unbreakable Modality jofïl jofili impossible(to_make,multiple)
Under Preposition köt koto children(physic)
Unrelated Relation us su unrelated()
Version Counter lady single(structure)
Violet Color lyfali counter(to_see,multiple)
Visitor Structure daku organic(disconnect)
Wall Modality jofy impossible(interaction)
We Pronoun liro multiple(inward)
Welcome Expression viro positive(inward)
What Question Word jado possible(synthetic)
When Question Word jadi possible(complex)
Whenever Preposition salïd salidi united(multiple,complex)
Where Question Word jaky possible(hierarchy)
Wherever Preposition salira united(multiple,position)
Which Question Word jaly possible(counter)
White Color lyfasi counter(to_see,with)
Who Question Word jäd jada possible(organic)
Whoever Preposition salida united(multiple,organic)
Will Preposition ij ji certain()
With Preposition is si with()
Woman Structure daro organic(inward)
Woods Hierarchy kadao kadado location(organic,synthetic)
Yellow Color lyfalök lyfaloko counter(to_see,none,children)
Yes Expression iv vi positive()
Yesterday Structure dilao dilalo complex(single,none)
You Pronoun lari single(outward)
Your Pronoun kolari children(single,outward)
Yous Pronoun lïr liri multiple(outward)
Yousr Pronoun kolïr koliri children(multiple,outward)
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