The Diary contains photographic logs within Horaire.

Implemented Entaloneralie into Nataniev as the native Clock application.

Entaloneralie Native, Octesamber 3, 2017

Pages from Knights Of Sidonia, to be held at the top of the Japanese notes as it was one of the first Japanese books that I attempted to translate.

Sidonia, Sevesamber 28, 2017

A first preview of the Nataniev lobby, the OS' terminal manager.

Nataniev OS, Sevesamber 3, 2017

Cyan, Hexesamber 11, 2017

Immortal Bird, Hexesamber 10, 2017

Updated Ronin with a major design overhaul and various functionality improvements. It includes the ability to save & load .rin files. I have also updated the logo to fit within the Gamme ecosystem.

Build 09, Hexesamber 2, 2017

Translated Thousand Rooms, Lae Doi, into Lietal - making it the first Lietal literature.

Translation, Hexesamber 1, 2017

This case shields the Instrument from salty sprays and moisture.

Waterproof, Pentesamber 25, 2017
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