The Oscean logo, created in 2009, represents 3 waveforms, a sin, a sqr and a saw. The Gamme, logo is 7 circles. The Horaire logo is a line connecting 6 of the 7 circles of the Gamme.
The Oquonie glyph is two rooms, side-by-side. The Thousand Rooms glyph is meant to be a pen, a paper, a desk and a room. The Dictionaery logo is from one of the old Lietal scripts, the original Septambres type.
The Nataniev logo is mean to be two hands, into eachother. The Suite logo is meant to be an Uzumaki. Unused
The Ronin logo is a partial letter R. The Marabu logo is a partial letter M. The Rotonde logo.
The Devine Lu Linvega avatar is a spiral embeded with the Trisight. The Neauismetica crest has the Ehrivevnv letters, the Maeve Rope, the Neon Hermetism sigil and Andes's castle silhouette. The Beldam Records logo is 3 half-circles forming a triangle.

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