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The collected Discography from 2006 to now.


Aliceffekt, is an audio project following the adventures of Neonev across Dinaisth.

The Neauismetic albums are audio diaries from the early ages of the Neauismetica. The Laeisthic albums are Neauismetic albums occuring only within the Laeisth continent of Dinaisth. The Duomic albums are Neauismetic records of Neonev's travel from Duomo to Dilitrielth. Live sessions from various shows. The Demos are concept albums created with specific pieces of hardwares. The Soundtrack collection contains various scores written for Interactive projects. The Remix collection contains a list of the Aliceffekt remixes and unique tracks made for compilations.


Malice, GAII or 害意, tells the earlier tales of Neonev as she crossed the Kanikule ocean.

Collected Works between 2008 and 2015, written as Malice.

Beldam records

Beldam Records is a netlabel releasing 4 tracks mini-albums.

Ten Axitecture is a Beldam Records release by Aliceffekt. Miniscopie is a Beldam Records release, by Reine. Ramiel is a Beldam Records release, by Villa Moirai. Eschatolor is a Beldam Records release, by Катя Тевелизион. Looking Glace is a Beldam Records release, by Reine. The Verreciel OST is a Beldam Records release, by Aliceffekt. Getapan 728k is a Beldam Records release, by 死サイコロ.


A collection of dj sets recorded over the years, ranging from industrial, to classical to idm.

For Secret Thirteen For MusicForProgramming() For Depthcore Radio
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