1.0 Neauismetic1.1 Es gulf sunflowers1.2 Damoiseau canalx1.3 The sixth season1.4 Vetetrandes lettres1.5 From saharaphorest1.6 Ehrivevnv studies1.7 Telekinetic2.0 Laeisthic2.1 Children of bramble2.2 Known magye2.3 Extended sleep3.0 Duomic3.1 The opal inquisitors3.2 Portalion3.3 Dei dain4.0 Lives4.1 Shikanokoa vs 1h1d4.2 Pedestrian paradise4.3 Nor let the fools4.4 To the aeons hell4.5 Vermillionth5.0 Demo5.1 Superworker5.2 Supervisitor6.0 Soundtrack6.1 Oquonie soundtrack6.2 Rabbits soundtrack6.3 Purgateus soundtrack

A travel across the fictional worlds of the Neauismetica where every album is a sort of travel diary across the Dinaisth landscape.


The Neauismetic albums are audio diaries from the early ages of the Neauismetica.

Es Gulf Sunflowers tale remembers the gorgeous sunken fields of Es - the underwater jump gate to Dinaisth, for its vast ocean terrace and display of sunflowers. Damoiseau Canalx was created in the spirit of Blam, exploring industrial sounds with 2-step styles. The Sixth Season sings the Neauismetic tales of the sixth season, or the establishment of the Oasis. Vetetrandes Lettres's songs sings of the first ages of Dinaisth on the island of Vetetrandes. From Saharaphorest is a Laeisthic album telling the tale of a visit at Paradichlorisse. The Ehrivevnv Studies is a Laeisthic album exploring Andes' offices in Dinaisth. Telekinetic is a Laeisthic concept album performed live with the Leap Motion controller at Sabaco in Tokyo.


The Laeisthic albums are Neauismetic albums occuring only within the Laeisth continent of Dinaisth.

Children of Bramble is a Laeisthic album that contains four tracks that sings of the Oasis of Rlionn and her Children. Known Magye is a Laeisthic album telling the tales of the industrious times of Dinaisth. Extended sleep is the Laeisthic sequel to Known Magye, a deeper exploration of its universes, its stories.


The Duomic albums are Neauismetic records of Neonev's travel from Duomo to Dilitrielth.

The Opal Inquisitors is the first Duomic album, where Neonev departs from central Dinaisth and head through the Dei Dain Canals. Portalion is the second Duomic album, where Neonev leaves Duomo to explore the of the northernest shores of Laeisth. Dei Dain is the third Duomic album, where Neonev travels from the desert of Laeisth to the nightly scapes of Dilitrielth.


Live sessions from various shows.

Shikanokoa vs 1H1D was recorded in Osaka at the event of the same name, with mostly improvisational tracks. Pedestrian Paradise was recorded at the Piknik Electronic event in Montreal from various bits and pieces of unreleased material. Nor let the fools was recorded live, in Tokyo at a mashup/chiptune evening, created from unreleased materials. To the aeons hell was created in the spirit of Nor let the fools, being a mixture of unreleased remixes. Vermillionth was the recording of the live performance at the Kinetik Festival, in Montreal.


The Demos are concept albums created with specific pieces of hardwares.

Superworker is an album created with the PO-24. Supervisitor is a concept album created with Arturia's analog and monophonic Microbrute synthetiser.


The Soundtrack collection contains various scores written for Interactive projects.

The Oquonie Soundtrack, Impossible Spaces, is the ambient score of the game Oquonie. The Rabbits Soundtrack is the drone audio tracks of the Hundred Rabbits video diaries. The Purgateus Soundtrack is the score for the Purgateus remix of the game Proteus.


The Remix collection contains a list of the Aliceffekt remixes and unique tracks made for compilations.

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