1.0 Illustration1.1 Artwork1.2 Sketchbook1.3 Nereid1.4 Polygonoscopy1.5 Typography2.0 Physical2.1 Hex hive necklace2.2 Occulter2.3 Ring of scales2.4 Spagettini scale2.5 Spool holder2.6 Vast2.7 Defraction optics2.8 Thousand rooms3.0 Interactive3.1 Desktop3.2 Unreleased3.3 Mobile3.4 Software3.5 Unity3.6 Table3.7 Collegiennes3.8 Paradise4.0 Photography4.1 Macro4.2 Film4.3 Black4.4 Infrared4.5 Travel


The Branding base is a collection of major icons of the Nataniev ecosystem.


A collection of illustrated projects.

The Artwork collection is various illustrations drawn over the years, unrelated to other XXIIVV projects. Various rough illustration from the sketchbook. Nereid is one of Neptune's moon. It has but one weather "cold", terribly slow internet reception and idyllic valleys. Polygonoscopy is a series of abstract videographies, recorded with the Kaleidoscope. Some of the typographies I have created over time, feel free to use them as you wish.


These are a couple object I designed that can be 3d printed. You can see additional designs on Thingiverse.

A small design necklace, looks great in black. Occulter is a 3d printed shape inspired by the logo of a boutique I admire and that sells black things. A large ring I made to learn about 3d printing. This scale was featured on the Makerbot Blog and should help you always cook the right quantity of pasta. This spool holder works with the PP3DP Printer and should allow you to fit a larger spool on your printer. Vast is the first book of Elodie Lareine, a manual of procedural imagery. Defraction Optics is the second book of Elodie Lareine, a manual of procedural imagery, in the fashion of Vast. Thousand Rooms is a visual novel.


The Interactive Portal contains all the released interactive applications.

This list shows all of the desktop projects built of the last few years. A list of Unreleased projects, or abandoned projects, indefinite put on hold and unsupported. This collection of mobile apps constitutes a series of games, tools and experiments on UX and linguistics. A collection of open-source and free software. The Unity Portal contains various unity-built desktop games. The Table Portal contains various board game guides. Collegiennes is a game jam collective initiated with Renaud Bedard. Paradise is a multiplayer interactive-fiction.


Collection of Wallpapers related to Nataniev and Horaire.


The Photography Portal collects various albums over multiple mediums.

The macro album contains various shots from up close. Color film photography diary of the life aboard Pino. Black & White film photography diary of the life aboard Pino. The Infrared album contains photographs taken with an old modified Nikon D3000 camera. Photoblog from Travels around the world, I highlighted some of my favourite trips in the list below.
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