A list of Unreleased projects, or abandoned projects, indefinite put on hold and unsupported.


Blindfolk was a cryptic multiplayer combat game where players must program their character to foresee and react to the other players' action.

Each player program a short script, or fighting style, for their character that will run automatically every 5 minutes, against all other players. The scripts contained a series of attacks, moves and blocks, as well as responses to collisions against other players.

Example Fighting Style

case attack.backward- step.leftcasedefault- attack.forward- turn.right- attack.backward- say yatta!

It was first created in the span of 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2016. The game was very active but soon became too time-consuming to maintain and keep alive.


Trimetrique is a light-painting mobile application.


Eakout is a two player breakout game for mobile.

Merveilles portable

Merveilles Portable was a small MMORPG builts in JS and PHP.

Merveilles was set in a tiny brown world where players could interact with eachothers using a glyph language.

The game ran around 2009-2011, and was eventually shut down due to a complicated migration.


Milavrega was a mobile game happening in someone's lost phone.

You must try and find your way through the folders, emails and contacts to decypher the enigma of the phone's owner.

Waiting for horus

Waiting for Horus was a fast paced multiplayer arena type 3rd person shooter.

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