Notes :

The Narration books, the narrated thoughts of the reader in the vein of "I sit down, pick up the thick volume and begin reading, I notice the words to be- Oh, I can read my own thoughts on the page".

Skipping lines to look ahead appears to already be acounted for and so, wherever one chooses to continue reading resumes the narration where it was left off. In this way, the book cannot be used to predict future thoughts, despite its content being already fully present and unchanging.

Some variances of these volumes read as dialogs between the reader's mental voice and that of other claimed interlocutor, possibly the book itself. Reading a line a second time hold but the account of past thoughts.

The Divination books are books that when to open to a previously unseen page, are said to answer a tought or another. Some of the books are used to regular purposes like to give a written out numerical answer to a mathematical question, or the location of a book or hexagon.

The Picture books contain pages where characters are the pixels of a digital picture. The Moving Picture books appear to display moving pictures when flicked through, where each page is a frame. This include the rare Mirror tomes that, like its name fortells, reflect the reader's features like a mirror would.

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