The Soundtrack collection contains various scores written for Interactive projects.

Oquonie soundtrack

The Oquonie Soundtrack, Impossible Spaces, is the ambient score of the game Oquonie.

Quiet Times NumbersThe Necomedre DoorThe Nephtaline PathThe Neomine GateThe Nestorine RiftThe Nemedique WarpThe Nepturne HallThe Nastazie BibliotecaThe Pillar RoomThe Town Theme: Side AThe Town Theme: Side BThe Twilight Town ThemeThe Warp ZoneThe Purgatories Visitor(Bonus)The Telephone Player(Bonus)The City Without Streets: Side A(Bonus)The City Without Streets: Side B(Bonus)Bonus Track

Rabbits soundtrack

The Rabbits Soundtrack is the drone audio tracks of the Hundred Rabbits video diaries.

Selection Q116Selection Q216Selection Q316Selection Q117Selection Q217(TBA)Selection Q317(TBA)

Purgateus soundtrack

The Purgateus Soundtrack is the score for the Purgateus remix of the game Proteus.

Islandwalk CreatureInverted Alps in SpringThe Six New Gods"Where Underwater Is"Looking For Silent HillsCya
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