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Es gulf sunflowers

Es Gulf Sunflowers tale remembers the gorgeous sunken fields of Es - the underwater jump gate to Dinaisth, for its vast ocean terrace and display of sunflowers.

From saharaphorest

As an experiment, I recorded the album playing through cassette tapes and fell in love with the recording for it's uneasy sounds and noisy silences - It felt like it somehow made sense with this album.

The first 3 tracks are ripped from cassette tapes, and the last one is a single clean mastered version.

There was 5 tapes made and given to fans at shows as artworks.

This release is related to Vert Kirlian Theatre album, released in 2008.

The sixth season

The Sixth Season contains 7 original tracks, singing the Neauismetical tales of the sixth season, or the establishment of the Oasis. Whiinders and the likes, raising tents hoping for a glorious end in memory of Rlionn.

This album established the sound that Aliceffekt decided to persue for the Second Wave releases.

Vetetrandes lettres

Vetetrandes Lettres's songs sings of the first ages of Dinaisth on the island of Vetetrandes. While the album begins in Vetetrandes, it moves to the shores of Dilitrielth and turns its attention across Kanikule and toward the Es'Gulf of Eaurison.

The album includes 4 edited tracks from the Es Gulf Sunflowers release. The Ver'Tale extension is a hint to a location of Whiinders, close to the visited Vert Kirlian Theatre.

The album begins with a track about Yajnev, the composition is based on his trip near the white trees of the Oasis and the Children of Brambles.

The album is part of Aliceffekt's Second Wave albums.

The opal inquisitors

The Opal Inquisitors is the prequel to Portalion, where Neonev begin their exploration of the central regions of Dinaisth, emerging from the tunnels of Dei Dain Canals.

Driving the Vermillionth up the spires below the surface of central islands, the records are photographs of the travels between the caves of Dilitrielth and the deserts of {{Duomo}.

Down The Vertical Canals
Below The Vetetrandes Spires
Moires Of Dei Dain
Exosphere Sunsets(Ver’Tale)


Portalion is the successor to The Opal Inquisitors, continuing the exploration of the central regions of Dinaisth, landing on the southernest docks of Laeisth.

On a foggy night of the Sixth Season, embarking on one of the vessels of the Septechoes in the desert of Clionn, Neonev sails toward Whiinders to see its Immortal Birds once more.

Landing in Laeisth
The Sixth Season Festival
Tunnel Aeroports of Clionn
Moebius Lift's Ascension

Dei dain

Written and released in Tokyo in 2013, Dei Dain is the sixth album as part of Aliceffekt's Second Wave albums.

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