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Ronin is a text-based visual editor designed to draw and automate graphical tasks.

The application is a cross-over between Vim and Photoshop, where every change to the canvas is inputed as a command.

frame.resize 640x480
brush:color #72dec2
brush.add_pointer 3,3

It is meant to replace the use of Photoshop for simple repetitive tasks, basic illustration jobs and the creation of grid based designs. Most of the iconography of Nataniev has been created with Ronin.

Flower Demo

Tridesamber 25, 2016

Adding the #flower hash to the Ronin localhost url will load the sample file flower.rin and draw this vector shape.

Introducing Ronin

Dodesamber 14, 2016

Began working on my own illustration software after a few costly issues with Photoshop, its name is Ronin.

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Hexesamber 6, 2017
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