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A collection of twitter games and chatbots, along with their source files.

Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, The will the wisp is a twitter bot that generates short rhymes. Dictionarism is a simple twitter bot that generates -isms from every of every single word of a dictionary and tweets them. Glossolaliarium is a twitter bot that generates procedural english words by combining various prefixes and suffixes, and try to form definitions of these newly created terms. Advent V, is a simple twitter game in the format of the Choose Your Own Adventure.


The Neauismetica is a collection of notes on the fictional world of Dinaisth.

Founded by Yajnev, the Neon Hermetists are a collective of scientists involved in the creation of machines to study time. Dinaisth is both the name of the planet and of a continent which harbors Andes' offices. A branch of Neon Hermetists aspiring to solve the Ehrivevnv puzzle, often called The Courtship Of The Immortal Birds.


Various notes written as stories.

It was just three days before Christmas when my friend invited me to his workshop to witness the completion of his latest project. Immortals speak not with words but wait for things to happen, and merely points at them. After ages of searching the endless isles of the Library Of Babel, here are a few interesting books that I have collected over the years.


This portal is a collecting notes on natural and syntetic languages.

Inspired by a talk with a friend about Steven Pinker's The Language Instincs, I decided to try and translate Leanne Guenther's Little Red Riding Hood into Ruby. Numbers, is a script that generates the name of numbers with 50'000 characters and beyond. A collection of favourite words across various languages. Needles are glyphs of which the intersection count is equal to the value of the character. This page is currently used to store hours invested in learning Japanese. It will, hopefully, become a series of notes on the language at some point in time. This page is currently used to store hours invested in learning Russian. It will, hopefully, become a series of notes on the language at some point in time. Lietal is a synthetic language created to experiment with linguistics and translation. Shorthand is a calligraphy style developed to take faster notes.


These talks were created as periodical research dumps, often gravitating around the topics of the hexagrammaton and Horaire.


La Gamme, is a series of concepts and tools created toward the acceleration of the Grand Oeuvre.

Trisight is a name of given to the pursuit of the Grand Oeuvre, and of the trinity of its members Audi, Visu & Rese. Nataniev is an ecosystem of open-source tools. The Obliques are longform answers to questions regarding travel, lifestyle and optimisation.


On XXIIVV, dates are written using a variance of the International Fixed Calendar.

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