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Here is a list of the remixes that I have made and tracks that were released on compilation albums.

Once in a blue moon I will remix music for my friends. Some of these tracks are no longer being distributed by their channels and have become rarities. See if you can find them all.

Compilations and Remixes

Winter Eyes (Aliceffekt Remix)
Comaduster (2013), Tympanik Audio
Fisherman II (Aliceffekt Remix)
Veroníque (2013)
Ghostnote (Aliceffekt Remix)
iVardensphere (2012), Metropolis
Dan Dan (Aliceffekt Remix)
Misteur Valaire (2011)
Thievery of the Jade Books
VA - Kinetik Festival Volume 4 (2011), Artoffact
Laeis 7th Passage E.th
VA - Kinetik Festival Volume 3 (2010), Artoffact
Dumachus Junction Feat. Aliceffekt
Iszoloscope - Beyond Within (2010), Ant-zen
Weltenzerstorer (Aliceffekt Remix)
Doomer - The Ruins of Your World (2010)
Does it really matter (Aliceffekt Remix)
Stray - Devalued and Discarded (2009)
Bad Girls (Aliceffekt Remix)
Perfection Plastic - Échec De La Matière (2009)

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