Polygonoscopy is a series of abstract videographies, recorded with the Kaleidoscope.


Frozen Polygonoscopic drops, similar to snowflakes.


The Polygonoscopic Kaleidoscope records the intersection of overlapping structures, our reality's z-fighting.

Nothing is as reassuring as looking through the Polygonoscope and seeing everything is where you left it.


Navigating the nullplane of Dischromatic Nullcolour Anti-pigments.

The Hypervoid pieces were selected to be on the cover of the second volume of the Amaze Newspaper.


Branes are digital fabrics.

exposed the MIGS gallery on november 10th 2014.


The Astratas topologic maps oscillate to Serventines's Polygonoscopic frequencies.

Ar moire

The Ar Moire diagrams are Polygonoscopic sounds.


Nervous is a eries of Vertexbrates.


Tarpophobia is the fear of seeing yourself fractalized onto reflective surfaces, especially onto eyes.

Time alloy

The Time Alloy is a series of Polygonoscopic samples, taken from The sartre mechanism.

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