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Hundred rabbits

PINO, is a 33' Yamaha sailboat, built in 1982. Home and office to Hundred Rabbits.

Purchased in 2016, on Vancouver Island, Pino has since sailed across the Pacific Ocean. You can learn more about the boat here.

The Yamaha 33

Dutesamber 16, 2017


Sevesamber 26, 2016

Becalmed under a suffocating moonless sky, we drag deeper into the numbing gloom. Shapeless forms slither nearer and across the oily swells, cutting through flakes of luminescence, laughing at us. Attracted to the steaming light, a flock of bats circle our limp sail and the mind wanders.

Intermittent gurgles, a pod of whales surfaces all around us. The sun didn't rise that day, the fog only turned into a lighter shade of black.

From Inside

Trisesamber 10, 2016

This is the view from my workstation aboard Pino.


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Hexesamber 8, 2017
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