These are a couple object I designed that can be 3d printed. You can see additional designs on Thingiverse.

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5 years ago0.0% Audio100.0% Visual0.0% Research6.4 Hdf33.3% Sb58 hours
58.0HTo 29.0 HTa Prototype53h

  • Hour Topic Focus, 58.0(100.0%) HTo, is hours over topics, where optimal topic is 1.
  • Hour Task Focus, 29.0(50.0%) HTa, is hours over tasks, where optimal task is 1.
  • Hour Day Focus, 6.4 Hdf, is hours over days, where maximum hours is 9 hours per day.
  • Sector Balance, 33.3% Sb, is addtive hours over sectors offset, where optimal is 100%.
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