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These are a couple object I designed that can be 3d printed. You can see additional designs on Thingiverse.

Defraction optics

Defraction Optics is the second book of Elodie Lareine, a manual of procedural imagery, in the fashion of Vast.

Hex hive necklace

A small design necklace, looks great in black.


Occulter is a small boutique I admire, and that sells black things.

Ring of scales

A large ring I made to learn about 3d printing.

Spagettini scale

This scale was featured on the Makerbot Blog and should help you always cook the right quantity of pasta.

Spool holder

This spool holder works with the PP3DP Printer and should allow you to fit a larger spool on your printer.


I recently found myself illustrating Elodie's abstract book "Vast - the perfect, the circular, the subjugated". A strangely perfect nonsensical coffee table curiosity that grabbed me from the moment I heard of its ties with some of the same Borgesian concepts that have also been exploring lately.

I have created a series of ink fractals to ornate the book’s preface, table of content and cover. The book is a unique piece of cryptography that is somehow narrative in its unintelligibleness.

Nataniev case

I could not find a slick black case so I designed myself an iPhone 5S case with Society6. The print contains the name of my favourite 3 chapters of the Vast book: "Jlhadeaai, Huqrea & Jahaoghad".

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