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Paradise guide

This Paradise Guide will explains the physics of the world and give a few example programs.

Upon entering the Library, you are assigned an available Vessel and a Warp Id.

The Warp Id

Your vessel's Warp Id which can be found by typing "inspect", or looking at the number in the URL. By adding a bookmark to your browser, you are making sure to be able to return to your previous vessel.

Changing your name

To change your vessel name, you need to know your Warp Id. If, for instance, you are ≡30, and your wish is to become a red book.

warp to 30
transmute into a book
make red


You can program a vessel to automate an action from the player. If, for instance, you want to create a vessel that warps a player to ≡50.

enter the apple
program warp to 50
use the apple


Widlcards are inline scripts that can be used in notes and programs, creating more dynamic content. If, for instance, you want to create a vessel that makes a player say a random color.

enter the apple
program say (random red cyan).
use the apple

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