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Paradise is a multiplayer playground that lives within the Nataniev toolchain. Project PageOscean View SourcesGithub
1.0 Basics1.1 Vessels1.2 Building a world2.0 The inner haven2.1 Introduction2.2 The private room, 192.3 The lobby, 182.4 Train station, 222.5 The telescope, 63.0 Advanced3.1 Talking3.2 Programs3.3 Spells3.4 Tunnels3.5 Nullspace3.6 Paradoxes

Paradise plays like an interactive fiction novel, in an ever-changing world where players are not avatars, but places, and objects, and puns, words - moving around and into each other, threading chaos.

In this anonymous world you can create anything, traverse the various player-created universes and explore conceptspace.

See you there.



Vessels are words. There are no accounts, any player can take over the vessel of any other player and act through that vessel. Moving through Paradise is done by typing commands into the input bar. By typing enter or leave, you will move the vessel into another.

Building a world

Anyone can create new places to explore, with the create action, a vessel can create new locations for all players to visit. The note action allows a player to describe the vessel.

The inner haven


The Haven is a series of single-player vessels including a few key locations. It can be accessed any time, by warping to 1.

The Private Room, 19

The room is located at 19, and is a place created in order for vessel to leave vessels in for later use.

The Lobby, 18

The lobby displays a longer chat length than most locations.

Train Station, 22

The train station is a tunneling vessel. It allows to traverse vast distances of vessel-space quickly.

The Telescope, 6

The Telescope is a vessel with which a vessel can stare at distant paradoxes.



Vessels can communicate with each-other with the say action.


A vessel can be made to automate vessel actions. Using the program action followed by a normal vessel action will enable the vessel to be used and trigger that vessel action.


Spells are program vessels that can be casted from anywhere in Paradise. A program needs to be programmed, locked, and have the something spell format to qualify. Once a spell has been crafted, it can be used with the cast action, from anywhere, by all players.


Tunnels are vessels accessible through any vessel note, not only visible vessels.


Nullspace is empty vessel-space, either beyond the furthest vessel id, or in incomplete vessel-space. Expect unexpected behaviors when in nullspace.


A Paradox is a vessel that exist inside itself. When a whole world exists within, it is also called a stem.


The Inner Haven
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