Oquonie is a textless puzzle game in which you must find your way across an intertwined megastructure.
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6 months ago ~Anonymous
Hi Ive purchased Oquonie for MacOS on However, the game wont run as the certificates have been revoked. Can you have a look into this please
6 months ago ~neauoire
I will! Sorry about that.
6 months ago ~Anonymous
neauoire Just let me know here when it is fixed, it will be faster than redownloading and testing. Thanks
6 months ago ~neauoire
Will do. Can you send me a message through itch. I will send you some things to keep you busy in the meantime.
6 months ago ~Anonymous
Hi neauoire, Ive searched the itch website high and low to find a way to contact you, but did not find any address. Can you tell me at which address I may reach you
6 months ago ~neauoire
sure my gmail is aliceffekt. Send me an email.
6 months ago ~Anonymous
Email Sent -just for followup-
5 months ago ~neauoire
Got it! Thank you.
5 months ago ~Anonymous
~Anonymouse Wen du wi git a seaquill tu this grate pease uf art
3 months ago ~Anonymous
Hello there! I own Oquonie on Humble - unfortunately its only the Mac-version. As I see youve added a Windows-version on itch. Would it be possible to do the same on Humble
3 weeks ago ~Anonymous

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