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Oquonie is a textless puzzle game for iPad and iPhone created in collaboration with illustrator Rekka Bellum where you must find your way across an intertwined megastructure. You will not be alone, your incarnations will have the help of bizaroid characters speaking an obscure language.

Oquonie features an original Aliceffekt soundtrack that is now available on Bandcamp. The game was best described as "Animal Crossing in a K-Hole".


Mystifying and beautifully designed adventure puzzler. Http://148apps.com/reviews/oquonie-review/ The experience of oquonie is reminiscent of fez. Http://tabtimes.com/oquonie-review-beautiful-land-confusion-ios-14037/ Make your way through an escher drawing. Http://killscreendaily.com/articles/oquonie-maze-worth-entering/

Version 3.0Updated 8 months ago

    019Add the landscape mode. 029Fix the fish door bug. 030Add a document icon above the tutorial door. 031Update icon to the 2015 design. 042Add the photo stations. 043Add tutorial arrows above the earlier doors. 065Fix the animation frames on teleportation. 066Update the Hiversaires room background colour to black. 070Add background music for the photobooths. 074Fix a bug where the stage is not centered after each movement. 075Fix the issue where API calls would happen on every frame near a pillar. 076Disable phone rotation detection once the game is launched. 078Fix transition glitches
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